OVH changes name, goes to cloud computing


OVH changes name, goes to cloud computing

20 years after its first steps, OVH has come a long way and wants to make it known. The company announced on the occasion of its annual summit that its name was changing to become OVHCloud, a name change that better reflects the positioning and evolution of Octave Klaba's founded company, which in recent years has become one of the most cloud giants in Europe.

"OVH started 20 years ago on the beginnings of service virtualization (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and others). Today, it's called the cloud and we want our brand to reflect this reality around the world, "said Michel Paulin, CEO of OVH in the press release on this occasion.

For OVHcloud, the challenge is to establish itself as the key player in the European cloud, at a time when the majority of the dominant players in the sector are American or Asian.

For this, the publisher proposes a strategy to multiply partnerships with third-party publishers offered on its platforms and promises to integrate between 50 and 100 new third-party software directly on its services over the next twelve months. This offer will offer software tools in SaaS and OVH will be responsible for billing and support. The company had already tried a first foray into this niche with its OVHMarket offer launched in 2018, but intends today to continue developing this aspect.

Not like the others

To distinguish itself from the competition, OVHcloud intends for a long time to play the card of data protection. Thus, the company recalls that its Hosted Private Cloud offer is vying for SecNumCloud certification, a certification issued by Anssi and which guarantees a high level of security requirements. The controversies regarding the American Cloud Act are indeed numerous: this piece of legislation allows US authorities to easily access data from customers of a US company.

OVHcloud wants to play the card of the alternative: if the company does have a US subsidiary subject to cloud act, its European base allows it to offer alternative accommodation services for those who wish to escape the US regulations.

OVHCloud also plans to beef up its business offering: the company has announced a new 24-hour support offering for its corporate customers, as well as the extension of its Healthcare Data Hosting certification to its Bare Metal range. This range of "bare" servers will also be enriched by new offers that will offer servers equipped with Intel Cascadelake CPUs or AMD Epic Rome in its high-end versions.

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