"Opportunities arise from the tiles. On Ibra …"


Antonio ConteInter coach, on the eve of the match against Sassuolo, spoke at the press conference: "The team did not work well, but very well during the break. There is commitment, desire and determination, when you see this during training and the games must leave you serene. You can not even win the games, but the desire must always be there, to do and to improve. This leaves me serene and happy, because when you work in this climate you can only be satisfied ".

What answers do you expect from those who played less given the many injuries during the break?

"We are talking about the assumption that everyone must consider themselves owners. There are times when someone shows more and less, but I trust all those who are part of the squad, they are players we wanted to keep or buy. I have great confidence in boys, we will face the situation out front, ready to do battle ".

What thoughts did you make after Sanchez's injury?

"There was great regret on everyone's part, we are talking about a boy we had recovered and who is giving us an important contribution from all points of view. I sincerely regret also for him, who came here with great desire, also to put himself in discussion, and he was doing well to get back to his levels. When he was starting to reap the benefits, there was this tile. Accidents do happen though. "

Could a player like Ibrahimovic be useful to your team?

"Talking about other players today would be a great lack of respect for my players, for what they are giving me and they have given me in these three months. It is not right. With all due respect to Ibra, a player who will remain in the history of When soccer decides to quit, I have great confidence and respect for mine. Sometimes some tiles and mishaps can give even more stimulus and opportunity, to make us all responsible. We must exploit this, try to be stronger ".

What do you miss to be dynamite?

"We have given continuity until now, we have not been" sparked ". We must continue to have regular performances, improve ourselves day by day, this must be important for us. From this passes the improvement for each of us".

Gasperini, who had Zapata's injury from the stop, said he needed to reform the international calendar. You have also coached Italy, how can you find a formula to please everyone?

"It is not easy, I have been on both sides and before being a coach and having lived only with the club, it is inevitable that you see it" selfishly "on your side. When you are in the National team, claim your spaces, as the players you never see them September, October and November, then for four months you don't see them anymore, before I was also aligned on this position, I complained, but I understand the coaches now, they also need time to work on their teams "I am the last person who can give an answer, it would be difficult for me."

Inter come from six victories and two defeats: what did you work on to get back to the starting line?

"In all the games, won or not, we examined the positive and negative aspects. So objectively we tried to analyze the situations in which we can improve. It is clear that playing a lot, seven races in 23 days, the space to work on tactical plan is very small, something you have to leave out. And after three months I can't expect my concepts to be fixed indelibly in the player's head ".

Sassuolo, with Juventus, is the only team to have a positive balance with Inter: what difficulties do you expect from tomorrow's race?

"We are talking about a splendid reality, we must congratulate those who created it and there is regret for its disappearance, President Squinzi. They are doing great football in a small reality, only applause for them. tomorrow there is an important match, very important for us, we will measure ourselves ".

In these days we talked a lot about Sebastiano Esposito, even in polemical terms for his absence at the Under 17 World Cup: what contribution can he make?

"Many people talk without knowing: three weeks ago Viscidi came here, I know him well from the time of the national team and he is the technical manager. He was advised of the possibility that Esposito would remain in case of injuries, he gave full availability and I don't know where this controversy may have come up: a guy with quality, who did all the pre-season with us, is an important guy for the future but also for the present of Inter, he grew both mentally and physically, I wouldn't have I'm afraid to let him play. It's inevitable that having Lukaku, Sanchez, Lautaro and Politano in front of me, at the beginning of the season I warned him that he was going back and forth between us and Primavera. earth, but it does not give me signs of presumption, it is a boy who is working, it will have its chanches.

Sticks is another guy who could give you an important hand. Could it be from the race, given Godin's conditions?

"Unlike Edo he is a player with a Serie A championship behind him, played at Parma and also very good. I believe in him blindly, and for this he did not go on loan. We can play against Juve, with Barcelona, ​​with Sassuolo or Milan and he has the same chances to play ".



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