One country stands in the way of a European arms embargo on Turkey


The European Union on Monday condemned the Turkish military operation in northern Syria and is preparing sanctions against illegal drilling by Turkey off Cyprus, foreign ministers said in a statement.

"EU condemns Turkey's military action which seriously jeopardizes the stability and security of the whole region" and agreed to adopt "restrictive measures targeting natural and legal persons responsible or involved in activities hydrocarbon drilling in the eastern Mediterranean ", specify the declarations adopted by the ministers in Luxembourg.

Member states, however, have failed to impose an arms embargo on Turkey because of opposition from the United Kingdom, diplomatic sources said.

They simply pledged to "take firm national positions on their arms export policy to Turkey," the statement said. The fact that Turkey is a member of NATO has been advanced as an argument by the United Kingdom to reject the embargo.

The European Union has called for "a ministerial meeting of the International Coalition against Daesh (Islamic State Jihadist Group) to consider how to continue its efforts in the current context". Turkey and the United States are members of this coalition, for which the Kurds targeted by the military operation of Turkey fought.

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