Ok Google, where is my Dark theme toggle for Gmail?


Google has been adding Dark theme to most of its core Android apps. This setting changes the usual dark text on a white background to white text on a black or gray background. The idea behind Dark theme is to protect the eyes of users and bystanders from the retina melting white background at night or in a dark room. And with a black background, Dark theme can also save a little battery life on devices using an AMOLED screen. That’s because these displays create the color black by turning off pixels in the appropriate area of the screen. Pixels that are turned off do not draw power from the battery. And there are some who just prefer the Dark theme look.

Our Pixel 2 XL running on Android 10 has yet to see the Dark theme toggle on Gmail and we ask facetiously whether this is a ploy to get us to purchase one of the new Pixel 4 models that will be introduced tomorrow. In all seriousness, Droid-Life reports that the phones owned by two of its writers have received the Dark theme for Gmail. But that is obviously an amazing coincidence since most Android users still have yet to receive what is obviously the result of a server-side update.

When Dark mode does come to your Gmail app, those running Android 10 will have three options to choose from. They can select to have the app run Light theme (white background, black text), Dark theme (black background with white text) or follow the system-wide setting chosen by the device owner.

If you have or haven’t received Dark theme for your Gmail app, let us know by leaving your comments in the box below.

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