Nordahl Lelandais: Thomas Rauschkolb's parents, found dead at 18, file a complaint for "murder"



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MISCELLANEOUS – The body of Thomas Rauschkolb was found in December 2015 in Savoie after a night in a disco that also attended, at least once, Nordahl Lelandais. The young man's parents request the reopening of the investigation.

These are the words of Karine *, a few days ago in the media, which triggered everything. Companion of Nordahl Lelandais for two years, this 39-year-old woman today has declared Parisian "For me, there are other murders, including the case of the young Thomas Rauschkolb found dead on December 28, 2015. At that time, I had just left Lelandais once and it was in the same state. anger, frustration that when he killed Walnut in the night of 11 to 12 April 2017 in Chambery ".

When reading these words, Thomas Rauschkolb's parents could not remain impassive. The 18-year-old was found dead after spending the night in a nightclub in Gresy-sur-Aix, Savoie, which also attended, in 2012 at least a photo shows, Nordahl Lelandais. Earlier this week, Mr. Bernard Boulloud, the lawyer of the victim's parents, filed a complaint with the Dean of Chambery's investigating judges for "murder". A complaint against X but which aims well Nordahl Lelandais.

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"We must absolutely dig this track"

At the time of the death of Thomas Rauschkolb, the investigation had concluded to a death following a fall of the young man drunk. The parents of the victim never believed in this thesis. For them, the criminal track is preferred. Francis Rauschkolb points to the fact that his son left the nightclub without his jacket while the outside temperature was below zero, he took the opposite direction of home … "My belief is that he was trying to escape from someone who was pursuing him, his belt was caught on the wire, and if he had removed it, it was probably to try to defend himself from an aggressor, "he said. it to our confreres.

Corporal Arthur Noyer, little Maelys, the list of victims attributed to Nordahl Lelandais could well lie down. For today, Thomas Rauschkolb is one of 40 unsolved cases retained by the Ariane cell of the gendarmerie that could be linked to this man with many faces.

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"After what his ex-companion said about his condition at the time of the death of my son, I am more convinced than ever that Lelandais is at the origin of the death of Thomas. ", insists Francis Rauschkolb in the columns of the daily newspaper.

Maître Boulloud, Thomas's family lawyer, will also request the exhumation of the young man's body in order to perform an autopsy (never performed according to his family) likely to reveal new elements in this case.

* the first name has been modified by our colleagues

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