Nokia has reached 2,000 families of 5G patents


                                        Nokia has reached 2000 in the calculation of the 5G patent families submitted to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.                                        </p><div>
                                        <p>Nokia today announced that it has reached the number of <strong>2,000 families of 5G patents</strong> submitted to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). In short, its leadership in the field of research and development and standardization of mobile technology is confirmed.

"The 5G standardization process is managed by 3GPP, a partnership of seven standards development organizations, including ETSI," explains Nokia. "As part of 3GPP, the technical specifications of 5G communications have been developed collaboratively, selecting the best technologies offered by a range of innovators. Products conforming to the standard are able to work interoperatively with those of other manufacturers, expanding the choice of customers ".

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Nokia, thanks also to its renowned Nokia Bell Labs, has been cooperating for some time with 3GPP for the establishment of 5G standards and the implementation of new generation networks. Key its work in the initial development of the first series of globally interoperable 5G standards for 3GPP Release 15 completion, and is now contributing to the next set of standards, Release 16.

"With each new wave of digital transformation, Nokia's innovations, technologies and research and development have changed the way the world is connected. Our world-leading researchers have enabled Nokia to establish one of the most robust patent portfolios in the industry, while our 5G standardization team provides critical leadership to 3GPP standardization process"Said Marcus Weldon, Chief Technology Officer and President of Nokia Bell Labs.

"We were the forerunners of the first cellular technological innovations, which laid the foundations of the entire sector and we have continued to pave the way to revolutionary technologies, such as MIMO, massive MIMO, mmWave radio, advanced modulation and coding schemes, and mobile edge computing. And the tradition that the technologies invented by Nokia Bell Labs lead the world clearly continues in the 5G era ".

The last declared 5G family of patents includes the US US9,338,785B2 and the European EP2848055B1 which describe an invention designed to provide network resources for smartphones, industrial devices and other equipment with various functionalities and forecasts of access to multiple services low latency. All for increase reliability and throughput.

If we consider Nokia's portfolio of essential standard patents (SEPs) declared for one or more of the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standards, the total number exceeds 2,700 families. The Nokia Technologies business manages and licenses Nokia's patent portfolio, with more than 150 licensees, including most major smartphone vendors.

"Nokia has long understood the importance of open standardization, aimed at allowing others to create new products for people around the world based on our innovation. Through licensing, other industries and businesses can benefit from Nokia's innovation as we seek to develop an even more connected world, ”recalled Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies.

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