no dangerous exposure to the waves, according to the National Frequency Agency


The Linky meter has been mandatory since the 2015 Energy Transition Act and will equip 35 million homes by 2021. It communicates the electricity consumption of a home in real time to electricity suppliers so that they can adjust their production according to the demand.

Since Enedis, the managing company of the French electricity grid, has started to install this pale green box instead of traditional meters, it is catalysing worries and criticisms. Critics accuse him of interfering with privacy and being a danger to health. This is the second point answered by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) in a report published on October 9 and first spotted by NextInpact website.

ANFR is responsible for managing radio frequencies in France. It thus ensures compliance with the standards in force in terms of wave emissions. It had already published in 2016 a report on the electromagnetic fields created by the linky meters. Five meters were then tested: the measured values ​​were 100 to 350 times lower than the standards.

Waves inferior to those produced by a light bulb

This time, the ANFR carried out measurements for six months in 178 households throughout France. The values ​​of electromagnetic radiation that she found were 25 to 37 times lower than the legal ceiling. Rates higher than the last measures, but which remain in the nails: "compliance of the level of exposure to electromagnetic fields (…) has been found on all sites that have been measured", Concludes the ANFR.

The agency has done several types of measurements, depending on the environment. In most cases, the measuring point was 20 centimeters from the meter. In other cases, it has moved further than 40 centimeters. "Measurements taken more than 40 centimeters from the meter show lower field levels than near the meterThe agency notes.

Communication between Linky boxes and neighborhood transformers is indeed based on the power line, which passes information through the power grid. "Since they transmit their information by wire, the Linky meters are not therefore radio transmitters", Notes the ANFR.

However, they emit waves, like any electrical device. But they remain lower than those produced by a computer, a low energy bulb or a refrigerator, according to figures from the World Health Organization.

This does not prevent opponents of the Linky counter from going to court. In July, 120 people lodged with the tribunal de grande instance of Tours to dispute the break of a meter at home. Most of them invoked the right to privacy and their complaint was dismissed. But not those who came with a medical certificate attesting to their electrosensitivity. Thirteen complainants were thus allowed to be exempted from Linky Meter.

"The only point on which we win is on the health side"Admits Arnaud Durand, a lawyer at the Paris Bar specializing in the defense of counter opponents Linky. In all, 22 proceedings were instituted in France by 5000 plaintiffs. Several of them were dismissed on the merits, thus lengthening the procedure.

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