Nethys: PTB calls for urgent commission to hear Minister Valerie De Bue



Stephane Moreau assured Saturday that he informed the minister on June 13 of the sale of Elicio, Win and Voo.

The PTB calls for the urgent convening of the Committee on Local Authorities to hear the former Minister of Local Authorities, Valerie De Bue, and shed light on the privatization of Nethys' subsidiaries: VOO – WIN – Elicio .

"The statements of Stephane Moreau, who said to have been in contact with the Minister Valerie De Bue throughout the sales process of the subsidiaries of Nethys (VOO – Elicio – Win) lead the PTB to request the urgent convening of the commission local authorities, "says Germain Mugemangango, group leader of the PTB in the Walloon Parliament." Stephane Moreau told the press that Minister De Bue had been informed since June 13 of the sale of subsidiaries. Chairman of the Board of Nethys Pierre Meyers who said he had monthly meetings with the Minister This is also what we suspected, if so, why did not she say anything? did we do it? We want to audition it in parliament.We have already asked several times the hearing of the famous "invisible hands" that let the sale.In view of the new elements, these hearings become esse to bring light to this case ".

"The minister did not know who, when, or how the subsidiaries would be sold"

Minister De Bue refused to speak officially on this issue.

The message that emanates from his cabinet, however, is this: she did not know. However, 5 meetings were held with representatives of Nethys and Enodia and De Bue, including one on June 13. The entourage of the minister insists on a term used by Stephane Moreau who says she had been informed, but "not in the details". "In this case, it's all about details"we slip a source to the cabinet De Bue. "She knew the perimeter was going to change because it was in the overall recommendations. But we did not know who, when, or how the subsidiaries would be sold. Guardianship and Enodia were therefore not informed. Nethys, on the other hand, knew but did not say anything. Guardianship has a power of annulment. If we are not given the terms, we can not cancel "

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