Netflix exceeds without fear the 158 million paying subscribers


In the third quarter, the number of paid subscribers for Netflix exceeded 158 million with an increase of 21% over one year and 6.8 million subscribers compared to the previous quarter. This is a slightly lower result than the forecast of the US service SVOD which had counted on 7 million additional paying subscribers.

In the United States, Netflix has 60.6 million paid subscribers. Unlike the second quarter, the third quarter was not marked by a loss of subscribers which was a first. Still, the conquest of subscribers continue to stall in the US with 520,000 additional subscribers in the third quarter, against 6.26 million abroad.

Netflix's quarterly revenue reached $ 5.2 billion (+ 31% year-on-year) and earnings increased 65% year-on-year to $ 665 million. For content, Netflix has a budget of not less than $ 15 billion for 2019.


While the competition will intensify with the arrival of services like Apple TV +, Disney +, HBO Max and Peacock (NBCUniversal) which are cited as an example, Netflix states: " Even though the new competitors have some great headlines, none of them have the variety, the diversity and the quality of the new original programming that we produce on a worldwide scale. "

Netflix sees an impact " modest "on its growth in the short term, but not in the long term.Of course, it is also reassuring investors." Many focus on the wars of streaming, but we compete with streamers (Amazon, YouTube, Hulu) as well as with linear TV for more than a decade. "

If Netflix recognizes that the launch of the new actors in the SVOD will do " a lot of noise The Los Gatos group also sees an opportunity to accelerate the shift from linear to consumer-on-demand.


With its aggressive (and atypical) price policy of € 4.99 per month and the integration of one year free with the purchase of its devices, Apple – neophyte in this sector – does everything to quickly inflate the number of its future Apple TV + subscribers for which the content will nevertheless be relatively small at first, unlike Disney +.

The first results of this big competition that starts next month will not be easy to read, especially taking into account the free trial periods. In the end, consumers will probably be tempted to juggle several subscriptions by switching from one to the other according to their desires.

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