NBC board to increase capital by selling the original 2: 1 at 0.53 baht – 50% shareholding in TV Home Shopping business


Nation Broadcasting Corporation Public Company Limited or NBC Stated that the meeting of the Board of Directors on 4 October approved the reduction of the registered capital By cutting shares that have not been sold After that, increase the registered capital to 803.16 million baht, from 535.44 million baht by issuing 267.72 million new shares, par 1 baht per share, allocated to the existing shareholders at the ratio of 2 existing shares to 1 new share at the price of 0.53 baht per share. Is a fund raising value of approximately 141.89 million baht, with sales scheduled between 18-24 December 2019.

The company will use the proceeds from the capital increase as a source of funds. To support investment for the expansion of the company's main business Which focuses on being a television program producer And providing complete news and advertisement services through television media And new media (New Media) by investing approximately 120 million baht to improve And / or additional construction for the construction of a studio, training room, seminar room, client lounge And the company's office The remaining approximately 21.89 million baht will be used as working capital to increase financial liquidity. And support normal operations in the core business, related business And expanding the business of the company And / or subsidiaries

In addition, the Board of Directors approved the NBC Next Vision Company Limited (NNV), a 99.99% subsidiary, to subscribe for newly issued ordinary shares in Happy Products and Services Company Limited. (Happy), which operates the business of selling products and services via television (TV Home Shopping) of 500,000 shares at a price of 30 baht per share, worth 15 million baht, which will allow NNV to hold shares in Happy In proportion to 50%

This investment will create benefits for the company. In which the company will receive Happy as an indirect subsidiary This will help diversify investment risks and reduce dependence on the company's main income. Which comes from the television media business In which the Board of Directors estimates that TV home shopping business Likely to grow in the future Which will help create opportunities to increase revenue And benefit the financial status It will also create synergy between the television business, which is the original business of the company. And Happy Home Shopping TV business

As for the date that the subscription for newly issued shares of Happy newly issued (Closing Date) is expected to be completed no later than December 62. Which depends on the results of Happy's business status checking on accounting, tax and internal control systems. Including other preceding conditions in the share subscription agreement After entering into the transaction The company will nominate 3 persons to be directors, resulting in Happy having a total of 5 directors.

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