NBA: Raptors President Masai Ujiri views the post-Kawhi Leonard era favorably


    </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
            <p style="margin-bottom:.0001pt; margin:0cm 0cm 10pt">Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri is looking forward to his team&#39;s next season.

Of course, it will be difficult to repeat the exploits of last year, when the Raptors had won the highest honors. Especially with the departure of Kawhi Leonard to Los Angeles.

Ujiri says he understands and respects Leonard's decision.

"Kawhi has been classy. He wanted to go home and I understand that, "Ujiri told our sister station at TSN. That's how it works in the league, it's the reality of our work. Players are exchanged, players leave, it's up to us to take up the challenge without them. "

Despite this departure which creates a big hole, the president trusts the young players, notably Quebecer Chris Boucher, who has been successful in the Summer League.

"I believe in these players. If it does not work, we must find what we can do to improve. We have a good margin on the payroll. We have good young players. "

Ujiri also spoke of Pascal Siakam, who could sign an extension of contract before 21 October.

"We discuss it. Pascal is a priority, whether his contract is settled now or at the end of the season. He is a high level player. We are optimistic about his future with us. "

Ujiri also believes that Anunoby will return to strength after a difficult year. He lost his father during training camp in 2018 and he suffered an ankle injury and appendicitis.

"He's going to bounce, he's a fighter. He was unlucky last year, but he had a good summer. "

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