National League: Geneva recovers, Freiburg …


Geneva-Servette ended a negative series of four losses in a row at the 12th round of the National League. The Eagles dominated Langnau 6-3, while Friborg relapsed against Biel 4-1.

If only one statistic of this match was to be taken, it would be that of the shots after the first third. Six for Geneva-Servette and four goals scored. The Grenat have taken advantage of their opportunities by maximizing their chances. And when the power-play turns of the fire of God, difficult to counter the good intentions of the players of Pat Emond.

After four defeats, the Genevans have found some more. Like what the 5-6 against Davos gave a good glimpse of the best in the game of Eagles. As since the beginning of the season, the young people have sounded the charge and confirmed their talent. Deniss Smirnovs and Simon Le Coultre each scored a goal and a pass. Special mention in Latvian 4-1 with Swiss license with a perfect Combier pass.

Friborg is no

Freiburg hoped to finally ensue a second success after the victory against Rapperswil. But the arrival of the leader Biel did not constitute the best of the adversaries for a formation in the grip of the doubt and red lantern. The Dubé-Rosa duo's second release was therefore not successful. The Dragons broke their teeth on a Jonas Hiller totally to his business. On the other side of the ice, Reto Berra was not up to the task by conceding three goals between the legs. The Zurich has notably appeared poorly on the 3-1 signed Forster.

Gottéron sought to create, to provoke, but the 3-1 fell at the worst of times and cut the legs of the Fribourgeois. Desharnais et Cie will now move to Lugano on Saturday with Tessinois who have not played tonight.

Beaten by Biel on penalties (3-2), Zug seems again on excellent bases. Winners of Plzen in the Champions League on Wednesday by lining up five unanswerable goals, Dan Tangnes players served the same medicine to out-of-date Leventins. Grégory Hofmann scored a double in a 5-1 win.

What do we see that the Bern of this season is not the usual Bern? To his inability to close the debate. In front of three goals (0-3 and 1-4) at Rapperswil, the Bears have not managed their cushion as they are used to. Worse, they bowed in overtime (5-4) against a team still deprived of his best element, Roman Cervenka.

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