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At the head of a sizeable Naples team led by Carlo Ancelotti, Aurelio De Laurentiis knows that his players are highly coveted. The moment chosen by the president of the Italian club to realize a focus muscle.

Naples: Fabian Ruiz, Callejon, Mertens ... The focus muscl

From Laurentiis has the mercato of Naples.

When given a microphone, Aurelio De Laurentiis is not the type to remain silent. Especially when it comes to evoking the transfer market, where he intends to realize the best possible business. Especially when selling.

De Laurentiis wants a big check for Fabian Ruiz

This is the case for Fabian Ruiz. Author of an excellent Euro Espoirs, the last, the Spanish offensive midfielder saw his rating climb. It is rumored that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are ready to break their piggy bank to repatriate the former Betis player in the country. As a good businessman, the film is not against. But for this, the two Spanish clubs will have to make a financial effort to convince him.

You must never close the doors. The man will always be open. You must not make feelings. I had some with Koulibaly and I did not sell it, even for 105 million euros. But the moment will come when it will be necessary to sell some players. Fabian has always been a top player. If I pay 30 million euros an unknown player, it's because I know football after 15 years of experience , warned the businessman for Sky Sports.

China, shit for De Laurentiis

De Laurentiis has also seen possible departures in his thirties. Indeed, Jos Maria Callejon and Dries Mertens, who arrived in 2013 and who compile two 192 goals in 594 games, have desires elsewhere. If they are not yet on the downward slope, the Spaniard and the Belgian know that they do not have much time to get a last big contract, especially in China, where Marek Hamsik last winter. What inspire their mentor.

If someone wants to go to China to pay too much and live two or three years of shit, that's his problem. I can not consider China competitive. (…) In life, you have to choose between being happy and working for what you like to do or simply for the money. For me, money is a means and not an end. If for them it's an end, go to China , to De Laurentiis. It remains to be seen whether this warning will be sufficient.

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