Murder Luca Sacchi, Anastasiya in the viewfinder. But the neighborhood defends it


This week will be decisive for the position of Anastasiya Kylemnyk that between today and tomorrow will again be heard in the prosecutor's office and for which there are even plans to register in the register of suspects. The inconsistencies between his testimony and the videos and other people's stories of what happened on the terrible Wednesday evening are too many and the investigators want to see clearly.Meanwhile, in Appio Latino, the neighborhood where Anastasiya lives, a few hundred meters from the scene of the crime, no one talks about anything else, even if only to meet up: "Yes, come to the park, where they killed that boy the other day, "says a man talking on his cell phone.



No fight, Luca killed in cold weather. The hidden truths of Anastasiya

"A very closed girl, maybe a little on her own, she greets you once and then doesn't do it for months anymore. She has a 12-year-old sister and her mother who throws a living with odd jobs: but all good people" she tells the newsagent of the square. The lady of the bar shakes her disconsolate head: "I saw her grow up, but what a terrible story," while a neighbor speaks of a girl "with a great character, she did the classical high school, I don't understand what need there be to emphasize that she is Ukrainian: she speaks Italian better than she and me. She grew up here, she is one of us ".



Colombo: "Punishing consumers does not stop the drug invasion. We must educate to legality "

You don't answer the bell. If he does it is to scream that he will call the police or the carabinieri; meanwhile he plays with the dog, asks him to do the "dead! dead!", then threatens to call the police.
Not far from here is the gymnasium where Luca Sacchi, the Euro Health Club, was teaching, written in blue on a yellow sign: "He was very good, kind, punctual: nothing to say about him, never a problem" explains Marco, the owner .NarcoRoma, the new capital of cocaine

The parents of Luca Sacchi refuse to believe that there is something to explain in the behavior and personality of Anastasiya, "a sunny girl, water and soap" says a relative, "when they saw her work photographs, in modeling poses "They were hard-fought to believe that it was her. They defend her with a sword: they had known her for five years. They are terrible, their mother is under tranquilizers, her father has been fainted."

"Yes, it's true: they are closed in total silence," confirms the family lawyer, Armida Decina. "All I can say and what they repeat is that in this affair Luca is a victim".

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