Mother taken part in regional council complains


Wearing the veil on school outing: The mother taken part in the regional council of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte complains – JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

It was this moment that triggered a new controversy over the wearing of the veil in France. The veiled mother,
 taken part Friday by a member of the National Assembly during a school trip to the Regional Council of Burgundy-Franche-Comte, decided to file a complaint in Dijon and Paris, announced Wednesday the
Collective against Islamophobia in France. Julien Odoul, president of the RN group at the regional assembly, had asked in session that this mother of Muslim student removes her veil.

A first complaint must be filed Thursday "at the prosecutor's office in Dijon" to demand prosecution for "violence committed in meetings by persons with public authority over minor and major race," said the statement. The second complaint, to be filed Friday at the Paris court, is this time for "public provocation to racial hatred by elected officials," the statement added.

"A question of racism"

This parallel complaint is the tweet of Julien Odoul that accompanied the video and spoke of the attack on October 3 at the Paris police headquarters: "After the killing of our four policemen, we can not tolerate this communitarian provocation", had -he writes.

"My client has been humiliated, her image has been spread everywhere, she is very marked and her son sees a psychologist," said his lawyer, Sana Ben Hadj. It's not just a question of secularism, but of racism. We try to exclude Muslims from the Republic. "

Since this episode, filmed and viewed hundreds of thousands of times, the controversy has continued to swell, causing a stir up within the majority.



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