More than two tons of cannabis, valued at 20 million euros, seized in a derelict station in Loiret – Chilleurs-aux-Bois (45170)


It is undoubtedly the biggest seizure of narcotics operated by the national gendarmerie since 2010. Tuesday, October 15, at 6 am, a hundred soldiers of the research section (SR) of Orleans and the Gendarmerie group of Loiret, supported by the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) have invested the abandoned station of Chilleurs-Montigny, at the exit of Chilleurs-aux-Bois, in the Pithiverais.
Investigators have discovered in the hall of this station, transformed for several years in housing, more than two tons of cannabis pollen. "A type of cannabis highly concentrated in THC (note: the active ingredient in cannabis). a drug of excellent quality, which has a very important market value ", indicates the prosecutor of the Republic of Orleans, Nicolas Bessone.It is in the abandoned station of Chilleurs-aux-Bois, turned into a dwelling, that the gendarmes discovered the drugs.
The resale value "wholesale" – that is to say, the kilo – is close to 4.5 million euros. A price that exceeds 20 million euros if you rely on the retail resale rate (the gram is sold around 10 €).

More than a ton of cannabis pollen seized by customs officers in the Loiret

Six people were arrested during the operation; six men aged 21 to 41 years old. None was armed.
Newly arrived from Morocco, via Spain, the drug – which was in the form of blocks of 4.5 kg – was about to be reconditioned in 100 grams sachet (some with the label "Pleasure to offer" …) to be resold to consumers. "There was in this station a real repackaging laboratory with grinding machines, freezer trays, plastic bags, labeling equipment, .. ", says Nicolas Bessone.

More than six months of investigation

Investigation gendarmes of the Orleans research section started in February 2019 after anonymous information about suspicious coming and going around this abandoned station Chilleurs-aux-Bois. A building located in a discreet path, in the middle of fields.
The occupant of the place – for about two years – is a man in his twenties already convicted by the courts.
"He played the role of" nanny. "Another 35 year old man, and already heavily condemned by the Jirs (specialized interregional jurisdiction) of Paris for drug trafficking, is considered the one who could be at the head of this organization"explains Nicolas Bessone.

The six Loiretains – including a father and his son – have been presented to the investigating judge of Orleans since the summer of 2019. They have been indicted. Their detention on remand was requested by the public prosecutor.
The gendarmes estimate at four or five the number of convoys operated by this team between Morocco and Loiret, since the beginning of the year.
In September 2018, a tonne of cannabis was seized by the soldiers of the SR Orleans in a barn in Morville-en-Beauce. Already in the Pithiverais.

Seizure of a ton of cannabis resin in Morville-en-Beauce: seven people sentenced

"It's a rural area, quiet, since one is each time in municipalities of less than 2,000 inhabitants, and at the same time, there are exits of highways and the near the Paris region. All conditions are met to make a discreet storage place", says Colonel Thomas Andreu, commander of the Orleans Research Section.
Alexandre Charrier

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