More than one in five French people exceed his monthly allowance


The cost of overtaking is still very expensive for the French. A Panorabanque study unveiled on Tuesday, October 8 by RTL reveals that more than one in five French (21%) exceeds each month the limits of its authorized overdraft.

40% of French go beyond their allowed overdraft once a quarter and nearly two-thirds meet once a year in this situation.

A practice down

A practice, certainly, in decline compared to last year but still remains very expensive for the holders of a bank account.

The expenses related to the management of this overdraft oscillate on average around 70 euros a year. But they can reach several hundred euros, and this according to the number of transactions recorded by the bank, says RTL.

"A series of bank charges"

" This triggers a series of bank charges "Recalls Laure Prenat, CEO of Panorabanques, quoted by Le Parisien. " Each operation generates an intervention fee. Most banks claim the legal limit of 8 euros per transaction and 80 euros maximum per month. "

A customer " in excess of overdraft every month can pay 250 euros per year She says.

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