Montgomery, former capital of the Confederates, elects its first black mayor


Steven Reed received more than 67% of the votes. – USA Today Network / Sipa USA / SIPA

It is a strong symbol for this city which was the capital of Confederate States enslaved during the American Civil War. Montgomery, Alabama, elected Tuesday the first black mayor of its history. Democrat Steven Reed has won more than 67% of the votes against his opponent, owner of a local television channel, according to the results published by the local media. He will take office on 12 November.

The city where the slave states had seceded

The 45-year-old magistrate was one of the first judges in the state to grant marriage certificates to homosexual couples in 2015. His victory is an event for this city of 200,000 inhabitants, 60% of whom are black.

It was in Montgomery that the slave states had seceded in February 1861 and decided to form the Southern Confederation, whose city was the first capital. It has also been the birthplace of the black struggle for civil rights.

Rosa Parks said no to segregation on a Montgomery bus

In 1955, the fining of Rosa Parks, who had refused to give her seat to a white man on a city bus, prompted young black Baptist minister Martin Luther King to launch a non-violent protest against the segregation.

Alabama and Montgomery will celebrate the bicentennial of their creation in December.

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