Mina, the first photo after years of absence from the scene: on the sofa, she watches a rapper's video on television


"Mother and my boyfriend watching gangsta rapper Venezuelan videos". So Benedetta Mazzini, the daughter of Mina, writes in comment of the first photo published after many years of the "Cremona Tiger“, The very famous singer who since 1978 has retired to Lugano, Switzerland, and no longer wanted to be seen in public. The image, which appeared Sunday on Instagram, immortalizes Mina back on the couch, in a very private and intimate moment, in her Swiss home, while watching TV with her daughter's boyfriend: his face does not see well, but the shot still remains a sensational scoop, since, except for some rare paparazzi, it has been years since, apart from the most intimate family and friends, no one sees the singer anymore.

Seventy-nine years, after the wedding on January 10th 2006 with Eugenio Quaini, it became, for the Swiss registry office, Mina Anna Quaini-Mazzini. In all these years, he has continued to work and make records but always far from the spotlight, without ever appearing and being careful to avoid media goals. In fact, forty-one years have passed since August 23, 1978, when Mina went up for the last time on the stage of the "Bussoladomani", the club in Marina di Pietrasanta, in Versilia, had started her career some time before.

Throughout this period, his absence from the scenes has done nothing but feed legends, creating an aura of charm and mystery around his figure that turned it into a real myth. Now this surprise photo by his daughter Benedetta has literally thrilled his fans.


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