Milan, sensational decision on Castillejo | A league


devil67 even less … I saw him play in the national team, in Germany and at the Florentine, as well as in this stagiine when he entered and lost all the balls he touched. can I say that he is not a player that I like without you getting upset? I don't like it as I don't like so many others. do you want me to list them?
conti, calabria, rodriguez, biglia, suso (this year), chalanoglu, piatek. castillejo and unfortunately also paqueta (which has been here for almost a year now and continues to have scored only one goal and made only an assit as well as a series of colorless performances interspersed with wonderful ideas, but too little to make a difference). in the last few we have made so many bets, bets are won or lost, we have lost them. I do not say it, but the results and the budget. the reconstructions are made step by step, without skipping the steps. peace

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