Migrants, the Libyan government issues a decree to neutralize NGOs


The decree, issued by the Presidential Council of the Libyan national agreement, bears the date of September 14 and has as its object "the special treatment of international and non-governmental organizations in the Libyan area of ​​maritime search and rescue". He has also been sent to Italy and is a grotesque and dangerous attempt to hinder even more the work of humanitarian ships but above all to attack them with police operations with the threat of leading them and seizing them in Libyan ports. A decree that, on the eve of the expiry of the pact between Italy and Malta, raises further concerns also because the NGOs, which continue to operate in the Sar Libyan area, have never been subjected. But it is already, at least on the operational paper. And, absurdly, it seems that the rescued shipwrecked cannot be taken to Libya. The decree, which Repubblica has consulted translated by the Arci immigration office, consists of 19 articles and begins as follows: "The provisions of this regulation apply to all governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in maritime search and rescue ".The NGOs "interested in collaborating in maritime search and rescue" are required to submit a prior request for authorization to the Libyan authorities to which they are obliged "to provide periodically all the necessary information, including technical – relating to their intervention. they are imposed on humanitarian ships: "work under the principle of collaboration and support, do not block the search and rescue operations carried out by the authorized authorities inside the area and leave the priority of intervention". "The NGOs are limited to the execution of the instructions of the center and undertake to inform it in advance about any initiative even if it is considered necessary and urgent." And then the articles that most concern the NGOs because they prelude to a police intervention and authorize the Libyan coast guard to board ships. “The personnel of the device is authorized to board the maritime units at every request and for all the time necessary for legal and safety reasons, without compromising the human and professional activity for which the ship is responsible flag".
Article 12 is the most contradictory because in the face of a claim for absolute coordination of relief operations in its Sar area, it requires that "the survivors rescued by the organizations are not sent back to the Libyan state except in the rare exceptional and emergency cases". Libya, on the other hand, wants "used boats and engines". At NGOs it is requested "not to send any communication or light signal to facilitate the arrival of clandestine boats towards them. Finally the sanctions:" all the ships that violate the provisions of these regulations will be conducted to the nearest Libyan port and seized. And no authorization will be granted ".

"The" Libyan Minniti code "for NGOs is, like that of the former Italian minister, an act that aims to hinder and criminalize rescues at sea – commented Filippo Miraglia, head of immigration of the Arci – Moreover it is illegitimate, being it was issued not by a sovereign state, but by one of the parties to the civil war in progress. The reasons that should push towards the closure of the agreements with Libya are such and evident that those who refuse to do so will become accomplice to these criminals. The "Libyan Minniti code" confirms, if still needed, the reasons that push us to request the cancellation of the agreements with Libya and the cancellation of the Memorandun. To change the page, put an end to this madness and immediately set in motion an extraordinary plan for the evacuation of the detainees. "

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