Middle World, Rays: "A very dark page of the history of this city has been written". Morra: "Doubts and perplexities remain"


THE "doubts" of Nicola Morra, the "very dark page" of Virginia Raggi and the "forcing", according to lawyers, that the Court of Cassation he deleted by putting an end to the process Mafia Capital. This was not the case, the Supreme Judges established on the appeal appeal sentence of the trial Middle world, because the criminal association of Massimo Carminati is Salvatore Buzzi it was "simple" and not mafia-style. The mayor of Rome speaks of one "Very dark page of the history of this city", recalling that the sentence "still confirms the criminal association". He then adds: "We work together with the Romans to rise from the rubble who left us, following a path of legality and rights ". And he adds: "One thing I want to tell ai honest citizens: let's go ahead with our heads held high ".

The president of the Anti-Mafia Commission clearly explains that the Supreme Judges deny "the implantation of the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Rome" because "Buzzi and Carminati in the capital had not formed a mafia-like association which, through intimidation only feared and the lever of corruption, he had in his hands so many offices of themunicipal administration Capitoline, getting procurement and credit in a completely illicit manner ". Morra summarizes: "In Rome there was no mafia. According to the Cassation. The judgments are respected. Bad perplexity, the doubts, the ambiguity all remain ”. On the same wavelength Luigi Di Maio: "The judgments are respected, but the doubts, the perplexities remain. And not only that: one remains deep wound for Rome and for the Romans. For me, the mafia, even before judicial profiles, is a attitude".

It is similar to the line of the mayor and Di Maio that of Matteo Orfini: "This is a sentence that confirms that there was a criminal association that somehow contaminated the city ". The former president and former commissioner of the Democratic party of Rome adds: "I would not want it to generate aself-absolution of the city, why the mafia in Rome is there and the fight against the mafia should remain a priority for all ". The former Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, instead he asks himself: "Wasn't it a mafia association? And so that was, avoluntary association? ". The former mayor Gianni Alemanno says that the Cassation "does justice" and the city "paid too much accusations" because "there has been political looting and the presence of the Rays has proved it once more ".

Endure the comments of the lawyers of the main defendants of Mondo di mezzo. For Giosue Naso, defender of Riccardo Brugia, the judgment of the Cassation “is the defeat of how to do the processes of Pignatone he was born in Ros From Rome". While for Cesare Placanica, Carminati's lawyer, "it was a legally somewhat forced story" because "to cancel without postponement means that the Cassation held it legally unsustainable ". Of a "Blatant defeat" prosecutor also speaks Valerio Spigarelli who defended Luca Gramazio, former PDL group leader in the Lazio Region. For Alessandro Diddi, Buzzi's lawyer, "Rome is freed from the mafia" having "finally written a clear page": "I think time has proved me right. Especially this college that no one can ever delegitimize. Buzzi's life has changed from this moment, he will be able to look at his future. Now there is a cancellation with postponement and we have to do counts ", he says referring to the sentence to be re-established in the Appeal.

"I don't find justified." celebrations of someone seeing that the Supreme Court has recognized the existence of associations, in the terms affirmed by the judgment of the first instance, which had imposed penises not modest: two criminal associations that had been capable of infiltrate the administrative machine in depth and politics of Rome, "says the Attorney General of the Capital, Giovanni Salvi. "We are in the presence of one very complex sentence and for a more detailed comment it will be necessary to read carefully the device and the motivations – he added – It must be said that we return to the first degree outcome in which the Mafia-type association was not recognized, an element undoubtedly important ".

It says "not surprised" Alfonso Sabella, magistrate and former councilor for legality in the board of Ignazio Marino: "There could be, it's one absolutely new question to the Cassation – he recalls – I am very interested in reasons to understand the technical-juridical reasoning ". Then he explains: "At least I understand that the Cassation confirmed that, for a period, the administrative machine was hostage of criminals who had bent the public interest to private interests, altering the rules of good administration with the complicity of a Roman bureaucracy that at best was incapable, in other cases still corrupt ”. According to Sabella, the Cassation "confirmed that my city was hostage to criminals for a long time". Then he points out: "Beware of saying that in Rome there is no mafia, in Rome the mafia is there and the mafia capital no longer existed since December 2014 – he concludes – The mafia in Rome is present in a more traditional way as the Cassation has certified in other sentences on Sword, Fasciani, Camorra, ‘Ndranghetisti – concludes Sabella – Rome is more corrupt than mafia: the main problem is corruption, but the mafia should not be underestimated ".


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