MEDIA-Matthieu Pigasse to negotiate departure from Lazard-Wansquare


PARIS, Oct. 16 (Reuters) – Matthieu Pigasse, global head of Lazard's investment bank, will negotiate his departure from the investment bank where he would be weakened, reads Wednesday on Wansquare, which does not quote its sources.

The banker of business, who is also private patron of the press – and in particular shareholder of the newspaper Le Monde – "would negotiate his departure from the prestigious Parisian investment bank," writes the online news site.

"Once settled the question of his separation with Lazard, Matthieu Pigasse would consider working in Paris for the bank Center View Partners.

Matthieu Pigasse could not be reached immediately for a comment.

NOTE: This information has not been verified by Reuters, which does not guarantee its accuracy. (Paris Office, Jean-Michel Belot, edited by Gwenaelle Barzic)

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