Matteo Salvini comments a tweet by Chef Rubio on the Palestinians: "We need to reopen the mental hospitals". He replies: "I'll make you feel ashamed to exist"


"Salvini? A man without balls". It is the last provocative tweet by Chef Rubio come to his daily frontal appointment in the social arena. The exchange via Twitter between the Roman chef and the former owner of the Viminale has a precise spark: the 280 characters that Rubio has dedicated to the ever-present enemies of Israel. A photo of a Palestinian boy on the ground with a bloody skull half covered by the legs of two Israeli soldiers: "You throw rock to resist occupation, occupation shoot in the head because you don't approve. Abominable beings ”. He tweeted Rubio and added the flag of the State of Israel and the hashtag #FreePalestine after the word "abominable". The former interior minister did not miss his sardonic ciaone mood:it is official, the asylums must be reopened". Rubio then raised, pardon, the shot: "Only cowards without balls like you can write with impunity with so much insensitivity to jail, inmates, mental hospitals and mental illnesses. Sooner or later we will meet face to face and make you feel ashamed to exist. No @matteosalvinimi, will not be from the D’urso. Despicable ". In short, the wait for a new duel, probably outside the Twitter ring, is served.


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