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The destination that welcomes 40,000 golfers tourists is positioned in this segment, bringing a great added value (VisitMarrakech)

Marrakech, golf capital. The city hosts since the beginning of the week the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) jointly organized by the ONMT, the FRMG and Reed Exhibition. Annual, the IGTM meeting brings together more than 1,200 golf tourism professionals from around the world including 375 tour operators for four days of networking and negotiation.

An opportunity to discover the latest innovations in golf and to identify new trends. It is also an opportunity for B to B meetings between TO and Moroccan specialists. The Marrakech CRT, local hoteliers and ARAVMS have all mobilized for the success of this event.

Generating more than 9.5 million euros of business, the pre-programmed meetings of this show put golf tourism suppliers in touch with pre-qualified buyers (golf tour operators). "This is indeed a unique opportunity to promote this tourist segment in Marrakech on which we rely, our offer is very broad," says Hamid Bentahar, President of the Regional Council of Tourism of Marrakech.

The choice of the ocher city was induced by its infrastructure and its golf courses and is also an opportunity offered to the destination to highlight all its strengths for this niche and also mice. Bentahar estimates at 40,000 the number of golf tourists.

With 13 operational greens in the city of Marrakech and 18 holes in Essaouira, the region has the largest Moroccan offer with a major asset: a treatment plant and reuse wastewater from Radeema to water these golf courses. It is a heavy investment since a green costs between 80 and 100 million DH, but can be quickly profitable if you know how to do it, says this professional.

"The golfer is a high-end client. It is equivalent to 5 classical tourists, analyzes this professional. The average tourist spends an average of 1,000 euros, while the golfer spends four times more and makes three to four trips a year, according to a specialist. "Compared to destinations like Spain or Portugal, the potential of the region is far from being optimized," Bentahar notes.

This is why the CRT puts this segment at the heart of its priority with specialized actions and a website in different languages. Indeed, before the added value of this clientele and also the increasingly large offer of Marrakech and its regions, this segment supported by promotional actions could attract even more tourists and boost and revenue and overnight stays.

From our permanent correspondent, Badra BERRISSOULE

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