Maneuver, taxes on company cars triple


The maneuver will bring a blow from the value of 513 million euros for two million employees and for the entire auto sector.

In fact, in the draft of the budget bill for 2020, there is a measure that triples taxes on company cars and that obviously will be charged to the customers. This provision applies to all vehicles, regardless of their polluting impact, and will also include hybrid and electric cars. Therefore, the justification according to which this novelty was introduced to "promote environmental sustainability" makes little sense. The truth is that the government's blanket is short and the executive is looking for new income to make ends meet.

Here are those who lose out

At the moment the so-called "fringe benefit", that is the accessory value, amounts for all employees to 30% of the conventional cost of renting cars and mopeds" granted in mixed use ". Well, from next January, this discount will be issued only for vehicles in use" to agents and sales representatives ". And the others? The" fringe benefit "vehicles will be calculated for their full value, based on a conventional mileage of 15,000 kilometers per year and the mileage costs of the ACI tables by November 30th.

In a nutshell, the new standard requires that company cars weigh in for the 100% of their value on the income of those who do not fall into the categories mentioned, instead of 30%. The difference compared to the past will be considerable, and it can be seen from a simple example: an employee with an annual income of 40 thousand euros will soon have to pay over 2 thousand euros more taxes a year on a Point 1.4. Trouble in sight, especially for long-term rentals.

In short, the car market is facing a problem not just. The companies will pay more contributions due to the increase in the Irpes taxable amount, and they will also have to consider the tripling of taxes on company cars, which make up more or less 40% of new registrations. The point is that under these conditions the company car could become much less convenient, or even a remittance.

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