Mahle starts the dismissal procedure for 453 workers due to the termination of the Saluzzo and La Loggia plants –


The first of the three assemblies scheduled for today at the Mahle facilities in Saluzzo and La Loggia has just ended. The company confirmed yesterday, Wednesday 23 October, the desire to close the Piedmontese offices that produce automotive components for external suppliers. At the AMMA in Turin, the German leaders met with the trade union parties to communicate this decision involving 453 workers, 209 in Saluzzo and 244 in La Loggia.

"The situation is complicated" – declared the provincial secretary Fiom Pierandrea Cavallero at the end of the first meeting – "Workers are fully aware of this company choice, but there is a determination to move forward. There is no resignation, there is the conviction that together we can make the company change its mind. "

Meanwhile, this morning Mahle initiated the collective dismissal procedure for all employees due to the cessation of activity in the two plants. From this moment on, 75 days of bargaining start where the Fiom, Fim and Fismic trade unions will deal with the company. The first 45 days are reserved for the trade union phase, in the event of failure to reach an agreement, the administrative phase is 30 days. The negotiation window should be completed by the beginning of 2020 around 5 January. In the meantime, institutional tables should be activated in the Region in parallel.

"We also hope in a hearing at the Mise" – Cavallero continues – "Despite the open crises at the moment there are many. We are available to solutions that give hope to these workers and we hope that the company will withdraw the proceedings. In parallel we are proceeding in synergy with the Ig Metal trade union (symbol of German metalworkers ed) to understand what strategies to deal with the German leaders. "

Tomorrow the delegates and secretariats will meet the mayor of Saluzzo at the town hall. The institutions of other municipalities belonging to the Saluzzo area will be present.

"It is the first of many passages" – Cavallero concludes – "we will not leave anything to chance and we will activate the attention on this crisis in every location and we will evaluate from time to time all the possible initiatives".

The same mayor of Saluzzo entrusted a post to his own facebook profile a comment to the decision to close the former Mondial Piston plant of Grangia Vecchia which since the war has given work to many families in the Saluzzo area.

"The situation in the automotive sector is dramatic and the repercussions of a non-governed transition towards the electric motor are bringing a very important industrial sector to Piedmont to its knees.

In such a delicate moment it is important to be at the side of the workers, of the many people who were in the morning waiting for the outcome of the meeting, to their families, strive to understand their fears, problems and expectations.

In the next few hours I will involve the City Council and I will urge the Region (which was not at the meeting today) and the Government to pay the utmost attention to this matter, asking for the opening of regional and national crisis tables.

The institutions, united, must react because the crisis, which today affects our community, is actually global, therefore it must be faced with serious national and European industrial policies and not left to the strategies of individual companies otherwise the employment and social repercussions will be dramatic.

At the May table, the company reassured us at least until the end of 2021, while today everything suddenly fell apart, without any intermediate passage. How is it possible? What happened in these 5 months to radically change the scenario?

I believe I can say that the company has lacked intellectual honesty because, beyond the figures, statistics and turnover we are talking about people, families, lives: they are not fate or the imponderable market fluctuations which make the Mahle Piedmontese plants unproductive, but a precise strategic planning choice for the company.

Zero innovation, zero investment and the shift of production where labor is cheaper or where there is European funding and tax incentives are not unexpected and accidental facts.

Being told by a large multinational that the only prospect is to move production where labor is cheaper is objectively unacceptable for the workers' community and mortifying for the company itself. "

Meanwhile the assemblies will continue also in the afternoon of today in the two establishments.

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