Mahle closes the plants of La Loggia and Saluzzo: 450 workers at risk


Still a company in crisis, which wants to close two factories in Italy to go in Poland, with many employees who risk finding themselves out of work. We talk about Mahle and the two sites of There Loggia, in the province of turin, is Saluzzo, in the province of Wedge. During a meeting with the unions the company announced the closure of the two Piedmontese plants, with 450 workers that out of the blue they would find themselves unemployed.

Mahle closes in Italy: 450 workers at risk

The decision explains the company in one Note, "was necessary due to the increasingly difficult global market situation, which is leading to a further decline in orders, after the two sites suffered for a continuous contraction of sales and the consequent situation for over a decade negative economic situation and unfortunately this situation is expected to deteriorate further due to the changed strategic direction of European car manufacturers ".

"The reduction in the level of orders at European level, mainly in the production of diesel engines, has significantly reduced the current and future capacity used by the plants of La Loggia and Saluzzo," the company continues, announcing that "will soon be launched consultations with the trade unions and that will work closely with the workers' representatives in order to consider every possible alternative measure and minimize the potential impact on the approximately 450 employees of the two plants involved ".

Mahle closes two factories in Italy, the crisis in the sector

From the beginning of the year the forecasts for the German company were not rosy and with the general crisis of the car sector and in particular of diesel engines, things got worse and in May the situation turned out to be anything but positive . The establishments no longer provided Fca and the leaders of Mahle have decided to resort to the cash desk integration, in addition there was the change of junta in the Region and since then, with the institutions, there have been no more meetings.

A crisis that of the automobile in Piedmont – whose production has fallen by 80% in 10 years -, which does not stop and that after the former Embraco, the Olisistem and the Lear, not even Mahle spares. "Considering a 1 to 3 ratio on the supply chain, we have around 20 to 25 thousand jobs at risk," he said Claudio Chiarle, general secretary of the Fim Cisl Piedmont – The impact above all on the automotive sector is strong, and is also given by the slowdown in the French and German economies, for which automotive exports slow down ".

This morning, Wednesday 23 October, the workers of the Mahle of La Loggia and Saluzzo, in strike for eight hours, they are protesting outside the headquarters of the Industrial Union of Turin. Rumors of a shift in production in Poland have alerted trade unions about the company's future. In Italy, in addition to the factories of La Loggia and Saluzzo, Mahle also has factories in Grugliasco, also in Piedmont, in Parma, Reggio Emilia and Trento.

Mahle closes two factories in Italy, Fismic: "Il Mise intervene"

"Multinationals must be prevented from considering the Italian territory as a lemon to be squeezed, Minister Patuanelli immediately intervenes". Thus, in a note the general secretary Fismic Confsal Roberto Of Maulo following the decision announced by Mahle to close two sites in Piedmont, with the risk of about 450 employees.

"Even in the presence of a profound market crisis that runs through all the European car manufacturers and the technological leap that the sector is experiencing in recent years – he continues – we in no way justify an operation to close the Italian production sites that take away any prospect for more than 450 workers and their families, as well as increasing the occupational disaster in the province of Turin and Piedmont ", Di Maulo concludes by announcing" we will activate as soon as possible to request an urgent meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development ".

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