Luigi Di Maio at the Maurizio Costanzo Show: "Matteo Salvini? He left me with the match in hand"


"With Matteo Salvini it is not a personal matter, but it left me with the match in my hand " Luigi Di Maio to the first seasonal episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, which returns on the air tonight, October 29th, on Channel 5. The political leader of the 5 Star Movement is still heard one 'betrayed girlfriend for the turbulent conclusion of the relationship with the leader of the League.

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"We have been in government together for 14 months – declares Di Maio -, we always told ourselves to stay together for 5 years. Then, on August 8th, I learned that he changed his mind through cross streets. It hurt me that until the day before everything was ok and then he left me with the match in hand. We haven't heard from each other since. "

Pressed by Costanzo, the leader of the 5 Stars also spoke about his private life, starting from his youthful ambitions up to his relationship with his girlfriend (the real one, not the political one, ed). "As a child I wanted to be a cop, then in high school I became a student representative and in 2007 my life began with the Movement. I'm jealous? The right one – confesses Di Maio – but mine is not a morbid jealousy, with that one does not live ".

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