Luciana Lamorgese meets the NGOs, the indignation of Meloni: "It makes agreements with those who violate Italian laws"


Luciana Lamorgese met with NGOs: "A meeting was held this morning at the Viminale between the Minister of the Interior and the representatives of the NGOs involved in the rescue operations of migrants at sea – informs the Interior Ministry through a note -. The meeting represented a first step by step the start of an interlocution direct between the parties. The meeting was attended, in addition to the heads of the Ministry of the Interior, by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the General Command of the Corps of Port authorities".

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An unpleasant news from the opposition: "I'm not happy about having tripled the landings of immigrants in less than two months – comments Matteo Salvini -, the minister invited the NGOs, the protagonists of these arrivals, to the Interior Ministry. I have no words. I'm always from the side of the Police Forces defending the borders, I'm sorry that someone on the other hand tares up for the others. " Giorgia Meloni: "I think it is quite scandalous that the minister who should, above all, enforce Italian laws, is there to make agreements, as if nothing had happened, with people who violate Italian laws systematically and knowingly – the leader of Brothers of Italy – I think there is a serious problem if we have an interior minister who does such a thing. "

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