Luca Sacchi, his girlfriend does not convince: "He arrived after the shot"


Telephone records, witness statements, bank checks. After the validation of the arrest for Valerio Del Grosso and Paolo Pirino, accused of robbery and contest in murder for the death of Luca Sacchi, at Caffarella, a new front of inquiry is now open. And in the viewfinder of the prosecution ends Anastasia Kylemnyk, Nastja, the girlfriend of Luca, to which Del grosso and Pirino have stolen a backpack full of banknotes – at least two thousand euros, but the figure could be much higher – and who said he was stunned with a baseball bat. The same one that Del Grosso – it was he who pulled the trigger of a .38 caliber pointed at the back of Sacchi's head – did find the agents of the Mobile and the carabinieri who arrested him.

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Luca Sacchi, a witness: "Anastasia had no wounds". And a video belies his version

Pusher at the pub by appointment: investigate the drug store network

The version of Anastasia it is not convincing, it is lacking. The doubt is that he lies to hide something else. Indeed, some witnesses reported that the drug to be purchased was intended for drug dealing. For this reason the public prosecutor Nadia Plastina will hear the girl again, these days. And for her she could take the registration on the register of suspects. The young woman, 25, has already appointed a lawyer. He always said he was hit in the back while he and his fiance were together, that he lost consciousness, that he recovered when Luca was already injured, that the two individuals suddenly popped out. That in his backpack he had a bottle of water and little money. He says, in short, that she and Sacchi had gone to the John Cabot pub to check out his younger brother and not to know the two attackers. But the investigations tell another story: the murder would be the epilogue of an attempt at buying and selling grass. Del Grosso and Pirino were the pushers, they had sent their emissary to check if the girl had the money to buy the "merchandise" she had requested and the intermediaries would have at least found two bribes of 20 and 50 euros. When they found out he had all those notes in his backpack they would have decided to rob her. And when Luca resisted, Del Grosso shot him.

Anastasia denies, but her version does not convince. To clarify what happened to the money: the pink backpack was found, but it was empty. And the girl will also have to clarify how she managed to get all that money. She says that it was her babysitting and maid's salary, but the investigators suspect that she made several bancomant withdrawals (similar investigations are being carried out on Luca) and that she had contact with the customer procurers on behalf of the suppliers. This is why investigators are also working on phone records, to understand who exactly, if the young woman or the two friends who were with her and Sacchi, had contact with the pusher of San Basilio. Not only on Wednesday evening, but also in previous weeks. Any contact would deny the girl's version: "The drug has nothing to do with it". The same thing that one of the couple's friends would have said.

To clarify, even the videos of surveillance cameras of the shop of a tattoo artist of Caffarella, which have taken a few moments of the murder, but not the complete scene. Everything would have taken place in less than a minute, thirty seconds or so from the moment Del Grosso and Pirino, after having taken a second turn against the square, leave the car in a double row on Via Mommsen and get off: the aggression , the robbery, the struggle and finally the shot. When Del Grosso pulled the trigger Anastasia was not present: she said that at that moment she was unconscious and awakened when Luca was already in a lake of blood. However, this circumstance must be verified. Also because, when she was seen in the emergency room, the doctors would not have found any lesions on her body compatible with a blow to the head, she was kept under observation.

Another witness, a former military doctor residing in Via Bartoloni, where the murder took place, said he heard the shot and appeared at the bathroom window. He said he saw the boy on the ground, left alone for more than a minute. "For me he was killed point-blank, I didn't hear screams, no quarrels. And I saw that car speeding away ». Then, he assures that Anastasia has emerged from farther away and has rushed to stop the bleeding. But that appeared, therefore, "only later". Where was Nastja? Was it further away than Luca? Was it possible that Luca ended up in a trap? Maybe to rob the money to cover a past disagreement? Investigations will go very far back in time.

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