Luca Sacchi, Gabrielli: "Investigation does not tell the story of two poor mugged boys. Are there problems in Rome? Yes, but it is not Gotham City"


It is not a story of two poor boys mugged ". The Chief of Police, Franco Gabrielli, comments this way political controversy follow tomurder of Luca Sacchi, the 24 year old killed Wednesday night with a gunshot to the head a Rome. Thus accrediting the track of the "abnormal robbery" that would suggest one drug exchange finished badly. "We talk – said Gabrielli – of one very serious affair. This should impose on each of us an attitude of great reflection and respect ".

"The findings that thejudicial authority he will reveal, when he deems it appropriate, they do not tell us the story of two poor boys who have been mugged – the prefect said – I say this always keeping in mind, I don't want to be misunderstood, that we are talking about the death of a 24 year old boy ". Then the police chief focused on the events in the capital: "That Rome has its own problems I believe no one recognizes it, but represent it as Gotham City… "

The managers, he added, “were immediately identified and the contours of a story were defined with one city ​​adrift and in the hands of crime has little to do ". "I am satisfied – he continued – of the reply of the police forces, who acted in synergistic way, without jealousy. And I cannot fail to notice, with a certain relief that this affair, in terms of ascertaining the truth, saw the same involved family of one of the authors of the heinous gesture ”. "The brutality" of the murder and the fact that two 21-year-olds are involved "more than questioning the security organizations, they should question the educational agencies "Gabrielli concluded.


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