LIVE TMW – Sarri: "In Europe we can play it almost at par"



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Juventus-Lokomotiv Moscow 2-1

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LIVE TMW - Sarri: "In Europe we can play it almost at par"

Juventus win against Lokomotiv Moscow in comeback and Maurizio Sarri speaks at a press conference. A race also decided by the changes of the coach who will soon appear in the belly of the Allianz Stadium to comment on the race against the Russians. Follow it live on

23.44 – The press conference begins

When was he losing patience?
"Fortunately, the boys had it on the pitch, going against these teams is the worst thing that can happen to you because the density increases. We stayed with patience, continuing to play, putting it in place as a logical consequence of the football difference between the two teams. We beat the record of possession and territorial of the Champions, but it was not simple in that condition. You could get to the top with shots from the edge or from outside. "
Where does Bentancur perform better?
"He is strong, he has great technical qualities, good physical qualities. He is a player still evolving, he is young but he can become a good low-top and he can also become an excellent internal midfielder, even offensive. the area but also serves to move the ball with great speed and he has this ability ".
What teaching do you take home?
"I don't know if the return match will be the same, on the return they will need more points. If they have the same kind of attitude it will mean that they will aim the Europa League but I don't think so, I think a different race can come out though. they were good at playing with the right serenity, it was also logical to think of enlarging them more but it was difficult to find a solution with very large external strikers given the current situation ".
What was your impression of Lokomotiv?
"In the league he plays with 4-4-2, in Europe he plays with 4-1-4-1- From yesterday, however, we were sure that they would play 5. Joao Mario? He is in a good moment, I saw him in good condition, I liked Miranchuk, a good quality and discreet left leg ".
Juventus shoots a lot but scores little
"We made 28 pitches today, we say that we are scoring less than we create but our strikers are scoring with a certain regularity. This leaves us serene."
After these two months, the gap between Italian and European football where is it?
"I think we can play it even though we have a handicap with English football at the moment. It is from an economic point of view, their global strength comes from revenues that reach four times those of Serie A, all clubs benefit. We are able to reduce it, from the professional point of view we are ahead but reducing it to zero now is not easy I do not know if we will succeed as a football movement in being competitive in Europe but I think there is a new air in Italian football, see teams that even at 3-0 they continue to play ".
How is Douglas Costa?
"I don't know, right now it is still under the control of the medical staff, I know that the last checks were good and comforting. The clinical recovery seems to be coming, it remains to be understood when it will be ready to play a game. I hope in the next 2-3 days to have it available again ".

The Sarri press conference ends here – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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