LIVE – Offensive in Syria: EU will not accept Erdogan's "blackmail"



On Wednesday, October 9, Turkey announced the start of an offensive in northeastern Syria. This action, announced by Recep Tayyip Erdogan aims to eliminate "a terrorist corridor" in southern Turkey against what he calls "the Kurdish militia of the People's Protection Units (YPG)", which she considers a group "terrorist" but which is supported by Western countries.

The operation is called "Source of Peace", says R T Erdogan's twitter account. Air raids and explosions were heard in the northeastern region of the country.

Ankara says its goal is to create a "safe zone" that would accommodate Syrian refugees in Turkey and separate the Turkish border from YPG positions. It is meant to bring "peace and security" to Syria, according to Erdogan.


– The EU demands the halting of the Turkish offensive in Syria and warns that no European funding would be granted "for a safe area".

– The UN demands that civilians be protected and Putin calls Erdogan "to think carefully" before launching this offensive.

– France condemns "very firmly" the Turkish offensive and seizes the UN Security Council.

– The US Congress will make Turkey pay "very expensive" for its offensive in Syria, says an American senator.

– The German government considers that the Turkish offensive "risks further destabilizing the region and provoking a resurgence" of Daesh.

– British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab believes that the operation "risks undermining the progress made in the fight against Daesh".

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