Lio in tears in "The Box with secrets" because of his best friend


For his first premium of the show The secret box On October 18, 2019, Faustine Bollaert chose to invite three artists of the music. A little worried, Marc Lavoine, Slimane and Lio settle on the set and expect the many surprises that are reserved for them. The interpreter of Banana Split was treated to a moment of intense emotion when her friend Carole appeared on the set and made a long declaration of friendship.

I would be eternally grateful

"My chouquette I remember our friendly love at first sightshe begins, before adding the many memories of their friendship: "I remember the countless round trips Brussels Paris to find a record company. (…) I remember your tears (…) I remember all the stores that we scoured to find super colorful clothes for the cover of the 45 'Banana Splitand I remember very well that the cover was in black and white."

She continues: "Since all these years, you impressed me, you moved me, you surprised me, you made me laugh a lot, you sometimes made me a little afraid and you were there at times a little complicated. I would be eternally grateful."A very moving tribute to the singer who can not hold back her tears any longer.

You made me grow

Upset, the 57-year-old singer gives more details about her friend Carole: "She's my childhood friend and maybe she's the only friend I have." She explains :"It was almost 12 years since we had not seen each other and you opened your door as if nothing had happened. You made me grow. I laughed so much with you and I'm going to laugh so much. I hope we will be old unworthy ladies and we will really fart together!"A very nice declaration of friendship for this first edition of The secret box.

On the audience side, the program was able to count on 1.68 million curious people, ie 8.8% of the public and 6.7% of the FRDA-50. puremedias. Rarely, France 3 was in third position on the target of 25-49 years and the issue advances the box of 2.5 points since the return to the target age 35-59. Finally, the issue has increased by 2.3 points compared to the average of the box since the return to the target of 4 years and +.

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