Linate returns to fly: Alitalia inaugurates the new runway


"A great feeling, a better day than this we could not find it for a flight with landing on a really beautiful track, like a billiard table and with a perfect led lighting. We are happy to be back home to Linate". The commander smiles with satisfaction Nicola De Cesco, pilot of flight AZ2092 of Alitalia took off from Rome Fiumicino with 64 passengers on board and landed at 18 o'clock. Maiden flight of reopening del Forlanini, fully operating from this Sunday with the departure at 6:30 am of the flight Lufthansa for Frankfurt, after three months of closure for restyling and renovation work.

When the Airbus A-320 approached the finger of docking, after passing under the traditional arch of water "fired" by two fire engines of firefighters, a long applause broke out in the gate of the terminal, then passengers and crew landed welcomed among others by the Minister for Infrastructures and Transportation Paola De Micheli, by the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, from Armando Brunini managing director of Sea, from Michaela Castelli chairman of the company that manages the Milan airports, by representatives of ENAV, ENAC and Alitalia (in the sequence other aircraft of the company arrived, which here has a third of the slots, for the resumption of departures).

Celebration between the cutting of the cake and toasts also with those who are still working in the airport and with passengers while the final touches were in progress in the shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants for the return to "normality" with the forecast of 100 flights on Sunday to then go up Monday to almost 300 movements.

Milan city airport fully operational, therefore, with the return of flights from Malpensa where they had been moved with personnel and vehicles on 27 July. But after the remaking of the runway, the installation the control and sorting system that make the "tac" to the baggage increasing the security and reducing the times of control and the rows (they will arrive also to Malpensa), the "Linate yard"Does not stop because retraining of the airport will continue until 2021 with the expansion of the terminal and the completion of the new commercial areas that will also lead to the arrival of top brands to revive the attractive image of Milan fashion even in the city airport.

"It was essential to invest in an infrastructure like Linate, a small gem of the Italian airport system attached to one of the most important cities in Europe and therefore it was important to start a project of total redevelopment: 35 million euros this year, 100 million in total from 2018 to 2021- explains Armando Brunini -. And above all there are so many investments in technology because tools will begin to arrive that will serve to start a pilot phase in a few months and then within a year they will be operational. This was a fundamental step, it allowed the re-opening of the airport in complete safety ”. He adds: "It is right to thank Malpensa too, the older brother helped the younger brother. With about 40% more flights, at Malpensa there was a level of service similar to last year, when "they had been much less passengers. The intercontinental airport held up well and therefore a big thank you".

"The project is wonderful, it is a city airport of international level. It is beautiful Milan and its airport is beautiful. This is a first step, there is an aesthetic aspect, but there is also an important investment on security all round – says the minister Paola De Micheli -. I'm very happy because Linate is also my airport and that's what Milan deserves, given its international vocation ".

"We have respected the time schedule and witnessed an efficiency exercise. In the DNA of the Milanese the idea of ​​being punctual is everything and we have respected the schedule – the mayor underlined Giuseppe Sala (the Municipality is the largest shareholder of Sea) -. From here we start again, as we have said to Minister De Micheli. We have to think about the Linate-Malpensa system not for what it is today but for what may be in seven years. We must accompany this growth and the margins are very wide ”.

The president of ENAV is satisfied with the success of the operation Nicola Maione because “it demonstrates the great operational capacity of ENAV both from the technological point of view and from its own controllers, the displacement of flights from Linate to Malpensa, the third and second airport in Italy for number of air movements, did not create any discomfort to the passengers and we were also able to limit the impact on noise pollution of the neighboring municipalities at Malpensa airport ”.

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