Linate, clochard found dead: hands and feet tied with wire


They found him dead on Sunday morning at the foot of the multi-storey car park P2 of Linate airport, currently closed due to renovations. He was 42 years old, he was a clochard, Italian, known in the area: quiet, he had never given any particular problems. It seems he was nicknamed "the saxophonist". Disturbing detail: his hands and feet were tied with a wire. One of the legs had an obvious fracture. The causes of death are still unknown. The police are investigating this.

The body was discovered on Sunday around 11am. The area is very isolated: pending the re-opening of the airport, scheduled for 26-27 October, only a few workers are at work in the 4-storey car park, and the body was in a driveway at the foot of the building, behind the barrier, on the side of Novegro. From the first findings, the man had been dead for several hours. The scientist carried out the surveys before moving the body; on the spot the agents of the Homicide section of the mobile team, the Sea personnel and the magistrate on duty at the Public Prosecutor's Office, Luisa Baima Bollone.

20 October 2019 | 13:41


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