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Injured in the thigh during the international break, Neymar will miss the next four weeks of the PSG. In the capital, one is rather accustomed to do without him. But never at this time of the season. So, it changes slightly the prism.

The PSG would finally know. To know what it was like to play a Champions League game with Neymar since the last European exit of the Brazilian with the Parisian jersey went back to December 2018 in Belgrade, where he had been disgusting (4-1 victory). Injured since January and then suspended three games for insulting half of the family tree of the referee of the return match against Manchester United, Neymar was able to play in Bruges on Tuesday, since his punishment was reduced from three to two games. And then the tile. A new friendly match without interest at the other end of the world with Brazil, a thigh pulling the face and this is the number 10 of the PSG on the blank for at least 4 weeks when he had found sensations and a little bit popular love. It's already the third time in less than a year that a match without stakes with his selection the pod, after November 2018 against Cameroon and June 2019 against Qatar. Thank you Titus never to turn his staff, by the way. Short.

A short shooting window

In the capital, PSG is used to do without him, but it is rather before the cleaver games of C1 that this dirty mania tip the tip of his nose. There, we are in the novelty. As a result, Thomas Tuchel will have to anticipate his future annual anticipation. To tinker, he knows how to do. Filling up his game notebook so early to make up for Neymar's absence, on the other hand, a little less. What if the injury of the best PSG player was good news? Well, we say that each quarter-finals of C1 when the metatarsus of the most expensive player in the world decides to disassociate, but this time, it is October. And Neymar does not have a leg in the cast either. The shooting window is short, not necessarily vital, and must be transformed into a working base.
So, Tuchel can try to find something else. Including a perennial game plan without his alpha player because, often with this PSG, the idea is to spin the inflates to the old Barca and wait for it to happen. In other words, we pray for him to unlock the match, which he manages to do nine times out of ten in the league. Facing Nice, Bruges or OM next Sunday, you have to reinvent yourself and find something else. In theory, and especially in Ligue 1, this is not really the most difficult when you have in your workforce – watch your eyes – Mbappe, Cavani, Di Maria, Icardi, Sarabia, Draxler and Choupo-Moting. Either seven international for three positions. So yes, half of these seven bastards return from injury, but on paper, the former coach of Dortmund has the gear to exploit / value.

Neymar out, Mbappe and Cavani in

In front of Real Madrid, PSG had delivered a striking collective performance without the square Mbappe-Cavani-Draxler-Neymar. Somewhere, it is the appropriate moment to finally emancipate from the gargantuan influence of the former plague-stricken Parc des Princes. It is especially the ideal opportunity for the Parisian offensive squad to demonstrate that it is able, for a limited time, to work without the "Ney". As in Ibrahimović's time, it's very easy to hide behind the Brazilian's ball catch. Some master it to perfection (Julian D.). But these gentlemen also have the right to show everyone that they are able to win without him.
During the February demonstration of Old Trafford, Kylian Mbappe was franchise player. But the return then the end of season in water of boudin showed that the former of the ASM is still a little soft for driver, alone, a team. That's good, the lieutenants of the moment have a joke, because the world champion will find the way to Ligue 1 with Di Maria, Icardi or Sarabia at his side. It remains to demonstrate on the ground. PSG has four weeks to live without Neymar. A pivotal month because a qualification in the Champions League is in range and the gap in Ligue 1 is far from hollow. And in a month, it will probably be too late. When Neymar is fit again, he will take his place, namely at the heart of the game with the ball in his feet in the money time. At that moment, it will be too late …By Mathieu Faure

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