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Opinions differ on the declarations of LeBron James about the tweet from Daryl Morey in support of Hong Kong, which has created a tense relationship between China and the NBA. Some have seen in the words of the winger of the Lakers the mere denunciation of a lack of hindsight on the part of GM Rockets in relation to the possible repercussions of such a tweet while two NBA teams (Brooklyn Nets and LALakers) were on Chinese soil for pre-season meetings, others a protection of his interests and those of the NBA in China.

"That's why I wanted to clarify my thoughts and my words, because it tends to happen with me (we take out his words from their context, ed). I know that every word that I pronounce will be interpreted differently according to the people.

(…) We are in a complicated situation right now, as an association (NBA). When a problem arises and you are passionate about the subject or want to talk about it, so be it. But I do not think every problem should be everyone's problem either. There are many things happening in our own country that we have not talked about.

There are things going on in my own community, since 2 years I focus on school to help my kids go to high school and university. I try to make sure that those who grow up in Akron in the neighborhoods can have a bright future, seeing me as an inspiration to get by. We do not talk enough about all that. And we would like to talk about so many other things too. There are problems all over the world. I think the best thing we can do if it's something we're passionate about is talking about it. Without real knowledge on the subject, I do not think he's going to talk about it because it puts you in a difficult position. LeBron James

After two interviews and two tweets on the subject, James now intends to close the China page to focus on the Lakers regular season, which will start Oct. 22 against the Clippers.

"I will not talk about it again, because it would be fooling my teammates to keep talking about something that is not going to help us to win a title, because that's why we're here. "

Known for his slogan "More Than An Athlete," James also wanted to focus on one thing, regarding the expectation of response from athletes on all subjects, regardless of their level of knowledge about them. .

"We are not politicians. It's a huge political issue. But we are leaders, and we can intervene and speak at times, but sometimes – I do not say in this particular case – if you do not feel that you should speak, you should not have to do it . LeBron James

via L.A. Times

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