LCI: After his release on the veil, Thomas Porcher leaves Olivier Galzi's show


MEDIA – The controversy swells again and again. On Wednesday, October 16, several viewers and journalists were insurgents in front of a scene that had just taken place on the set of LCI. In the program "9h Galzi", the presenter, Olivier Galzi, therefore expressed in a way that is ambiguous about the veil.

"Should not we move the problem and say: 'This is not a religious sign we want to ban, it is a political signal! As you ban an SS uniform, simply! ", He said, one of his guests instantly denouncing a disturbing Godwin point. Clearly, according to the journalist, the veil would be an ostentatious sign of adherence to a political theory, like what could be the Nazi uniform, and could therefore in this sense be prohibited by law.

A laborious argument that absolutely did not convince the viewers, therefore. Indeed, on social networks, many have risen in the face of the sequence, like Senator EELV Esther Benbassa for example.

Closer to Olivier Galzi again, the economist and columnist Thomas Porcher has not tasted either the nebulous comparison of the journalist. In a tweet, he described these remarks as "Islamophobic", and added that he would not appear again in the program of LCI.

"I can not consciously accept being present every Thursday on his set. Words have consequences and everyone must now take responsibility. I take mine leaving the show, "he said on Twitter.

Like Thomas Porcher, the young Insoumis David Guiraud also denounced the sequence, on set this time, regretting the comparison of Olivier Galzi between Islam and Nazism. "The Nazis at the time, did not take our children to discover the institutions of the Republic. They took them on trains and in death camps. "

In this case, David Guiraud was quickly interrupted by the concerned, who again hammered his argument, without apologizing for what he said and making sure not to regret. "Faced with the emotion following my comments on LCI I want to clarify tonight: 1 / I never said that sail = SS uniform. 2 / This shortcut does not correspond to my thought, nor my values, nor that of my chain ", also tweeted Olivier Galzion the evening of October 17th.

According to the information from the TMC program "Daily" – which was entitled the same explanations Olivier Galzi-, the management of LCI "firmly reminded his journalist"

A little earlier, LCI editorial director, Valerie Nataf, had already sent a communique to her teams, asking for better control of the antenna to avoid "slippage". She was referring in particular to Yves Threard, a journalist at Le Figaro and a regular columnist on the air, who had assured without flinching "hate the Muslim religion".

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