launch of Chapter 2 season 1, what changes?


Fortnite: launch of Chapter 2 season 1, what changes?

FORTNITE CHAPTER 2 SEASON 1 – Waiting is coming to an end for Fortnite players. Deprived for two days of their favorite Battle Royale, they will finally be able to recover with the launch of Chapter 2 Season 1. A new map and a set of novelties are expected!

The essential

But what happens with Fortnite? Since Sunday, October 13, the title screen of Fortnite Battle Royale has been replaced by a black hole that prevents players who connect to play their favorite royal battle. If the communication is fabulous, the gamers start to find the long time. At the moment, Epic Games has still not communicated anything about the continuation of the adventure Fortnite which was to continue with a chapter 2 and a new start, a season 1. With the launch of the maintenance of the servers and more and more leaks, Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 comes with a lot of new stuff, and it's coming up pretty soon. Follow this live to learn more.



10:46 – The map of chapter 2 has leaked

As maintenance has begun, most datamines can now enjoy themselves and go through the files of the game. Of course, one of the first visuals available in addition to the cinematic is the map. The Map of Chapter 2 is obviously an island, but the environment changes drastically compared to the previous one, and the design is much more up to date. The map also seems larger, but it will probably launch a game to realize it.

10:25 – A kinematic of chapter 2 would have leaked

While the Chapter 2 Battle Pass leaked last night with its introductory video, it's now the launch of Season 1 of Chapter 2 of Fuiter. This one actually takes us on a brand new map, with many rivers and streams, and reliefs that change a lot of the previous map. One of the last images of the cinematic gives us a preview of the whole new map.

10:12 – Maintenance of Chapter 2 has begun

That's it ! Maintenance has started and Fortnite's servers are completely unavailable for an unknown duration. You will now have to download an update patch, which would weigh 16GB (unlike the 13GB advertised on Chinese servers). If the leaks are confirmed, the game could be available at 12:00 today, with of course chapter two and the launch of the new map.

10:05 – When will Epic Games revive Fortnite?

This is the question that burns the lips of all fans of Fortnite right now: it's all very well this end of season 10 event but when will we finally be able to redo our Top 1 in Battle Royale mode? ? Obviously, Epic Games has decided to wait more than 24 hours before relaunching Fortnite servers. Will it take 48 hours or more? Only developers know it by now. In any case, this is an exercise in patience that Fortnite players are not about to forget!

10:03 – Soon stealth attacks in Fortnite?

The visibly leaky trailer of the Fortnite Battle Chapter 2 suggests that players will soon be able to perform stealth attacks against their opponents. It remains to be seen if these will be effective and if they will eliminate in one blow an opponent who would be caught by surprise.

09:58 – It's been 38 hours since Fortnite cut the signal

Since Sunday, October 13 at 8 pm, Fortnite's servers no longer allow players to participate in a game of Royal Battle. We know that this is an event created by Epic Games to raise the sauce around its new season but players are starting to find the long time, that's for sure! We thought first of all that the developers would wait 24 hours before launching the new season but the deadline was missed. It's been 38 hours since the players wait. Until when will they wait? Only Epic Games knows it at the moment …

09:55 – Water could save you from a bad fall in Chapter 2

This is indeed what we can discover in the leaked trailer Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass: a player who falls from high but does not take damage because it falls into the water! This is likely to offer us some moves of great class in the different streams of official competitions from professional players!

09:50 – Fortnite season 11 or Chapter 2 season 1?

In recent days, the names Chapter 2 and Fortnite 2 are browsing social networks to refer to what was supposedly thought of as season 11 of Fortnite Battle Royale. What is it? At the moment, all we know is that Epic Games has announced a break point with the end of season 10 and its event simply titled "The End". It is therefore likely that the season count will be reset and a new season account will start soon in what could be a Chapter 2. This rumor has been confirmed by the leak of the trailer of the Battle Pass which announces indeed the color of "Battle Pass Chapter 2 – Season 1". We are still waiting for confirmation from Epic Games.

09:45 – A new experience gain system?

If we believe the beginning of the video leaked around the Fortnite Battle Pass, it seems that a new way of gaining experience could happen soon in the game of Epic Games. Indeed, we can see players doing many actions rather futile game (such as open a chest, cut wood, fishing line) to earn experience points!

09:39 – Boats, new vehicles for Chapter 2 season 1

With the ability to swim, we can understand that Fortnite wants to turn to the gameplay in the aquatic environment. This seems to be confirmed in the leaked trailer of the Battle Pass of Chapter 2 since we can see boats running through a body of water at high speed!



The main addition of season 10 is the B.R.U.T.E: a great exo-armor, closer to the robot, it is possible to drive up to two players. The driver occupies movements, with which it is possible to load, perform super jumps, and crush and destroy structures and scenery elements. On the other side, the gunner has two weapons at his disposal: a shotgun and a missile launcher. The shotgun has 10 ammunition each inflicting 50 damage with a multiplier of 1.5 in the head. The missile launcher, meanwhile, can fire up to 10 missiles at once, which will usually annihilate the defensive structures and one-shot players.

Several items were also stored at the launch of this season, here is a list: the Mobile Bubble, the Quad Reaction, the Flintlock Gun, the Dark Bomb, the Sniper Rifle semi-auto, the Tactical Rifle Shotgun, Deployable Turret, Air Strike, Glider Redeployment Object. The main thing that we notice is the disappearance of most objects bringing a great mobility to the players, which will probably push to re-learn to play on a more fixed and defensive gameplay (except when you find yourself face to face with a BRUTE, in which case your time has come).

The object added during patch 10.10 was made, at the base, to counter the BRUTE. This is the debris fault, which activates like a projectile and drops a huge object on the target area. This item inflicts 200 damage in its impact zone, and 100 around while repelling players, and instantly destroying vehicles and sets. But its effectiveness is still mediocre, because it is more useful on targets locked in buildings, rather than ultra-mobile BRUTE.

The new item in Fortnite Patch 10.20 is called the Protective Bubble. Of rare level and being on the ground, in the chests or the refuelings, it will be enough for you to activate it to be able, during 30 seconds, to block completely missiles and projectiles. A bit like the Gibraltar shield on Apex Legends, the projectiles coming from inside the force field will also be blocked. Players can still cross and enter the bubble, but once inside, can not get out.

The object added during the content update 10.20 is the "Zapper" trap, which has the particularity of being deployed on any surface, including the opposing constructions. Moreover, its deployment is done on two surfaces at the same time, which will have the gift of surprising unaware opponents. The trap will electrocute opposing players at a distance of one square, for a total of 50 damage, renewable every two seconds. You can have up to 4 in your inventory, enough to defeat the defensive players who prefer to bury themselves in their constructions.

In preparation for season 11, Fortnite became unavailable for an indefinite time. A black hole on the title screen prevents all players from accessing game services, displaying only a black hole instead of the interface. Since October 13 at 8 pm, an event has removed the card and the game in its entirety. Many influencers and community members take the opportunity to make jokes about the disappearance of the game.

Since the end of season 10 this Sunday, the players have remained in a deafening silence from Epic Games, who has not let anything leak for 24 hours. But this Monday, October 14, 2019, around 20 hours, social networks were suddenly flooded by a video, presented as the trailer for the Battle Pass of Chapter 2. Check out this trailer below.

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