Keep the Meazza: "It can be done with 200-250 million"


San Siro redevelopment – Yes demolition or demolition no? The shooting down of the Giuseppe Meazza stadium at the San Siro continues to be discussed. Between those who would like to redevelop the plant and those who would prefer to make room for a completely new project, the vision of Jacopo Mascheroni, of the Milanese architecture studio «Jma», is inserted.

The structure "has the perfect DNA to be one of the best stadiums in the world", explains Mascheroni to "Il Corriere della Sera", who took up the challenge to ferry San Siro into the future, anchoring it at the same time to its glorious past and those lines iconic that the Superintendency would like to preserve.

"It can be done," assures Mascheroni. And with costs, times and inconveniences decidedly inferior to those proposed by the clubs. For his «Diamante» he would need «200-250 million euros and three years of work. The fact that the Meazza is built with independent rings helps each other: it would be enough to close a few sectors at a time to proceed safely, reducing the capacity to 45 thousand seats. The prefabrication of the components of the project will reduce the time ».

The result would be a lower arena of 62,000 seats, with the historic sinuous lines of the covered ramps, reshaped and accentuated by the disappearance of a third ring, towers and pylons. The new faceted cover will be used to contain the noise pollution outside, and improve the acoustic comfort inside. The first step is the construction of the «zero ring»: three thousand premium seats (in total the project counts 9.500) on the sidelines, obtained by lowering the playing field by two meters.

"It is a device that exploits the distance that today separates the stands of the first ring from the turf," explains Mascheroni. The missing services would instead be obtained in the gaps present in the two surviving rings, through new prefabricated floors where to insert the spaces of hospitality, food & beverage, bathrooms.

The turnstiles will be incorporated into the third outer ring: a "green" disk around the stadium, partly underground, which will house the parking lots, shops and all that is tempting for the clubs and will entertain the fans. The red trusses would be recycled in the new square: they will be a double portal that will design the boulevard leading to the metro. All with a look at eco-sustainability: “deep” green, as requested by the residents, park areas, geothermal system, rainwater collection system, LED lights and energy devices.


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