K-pop star Sulli found dead at home


The authorities do not yet officially speak of suicide, but several elements suggest that the young artist has ended his life. The star of K-pop Sulli was indeed found dead Sunday at her home in Seoul, South Korea. Aged 25, she had repeatedly expressed her "anxieties" and spoke of cyberbullying last year.

It was his manager who discovered his body on Monday morning, after worrying about having no news since yesterday. He himself confirmed in several media that the investigators "worked the suicide trail". Police also said that the young singer and actress was suffering from "severe depression".

Its fans themselves can witness the upheavals in the life of their idol to 6 million subscribers on Instagram. Indeed, the star had repeatedly confided on his weakness and denounced on social networks the violence of criticism against him.

"People hurt me"

It must be said that all had not appreciated the artistic turn taken by the former little model teenager, shaped for marketing as the music industry of South Korea knows so well. After practicing, without making a fuss, in the girls band f (x), Sulli had decided in 2015 to separate from his group and turn to the cinema.

At the same time, she had also abandoned her smooth image, perfect to please the greatest number. On social networks, his photos were sometimes a little more daring, sometimes surprisingly natural. That is, without makeup or artifice in a society more accustomed to the hyper control of the image.

Changing in the eyes of his audience, Sulli had also confided on his intimacy, sometimes on his relationship with his boyfriend and especially his mental state. In particular, she explained that she had changed her life because of exhaustion. "I was under too much pressure. Nobody listened to me. I felt lonely, "she lamented to the English-language Dubai newspaper Gulf News. "I have a panic disorder since I was young (…) some of my closest friends have let me down. People hurt me, so everything collapsed. I did not feel that anyone around me could understand me. That's why I completely collapsed, "she also explained in a Korean TV show in 2018. Choi Jin-ri, his real name, had developed an agoraphobia, fear of the crowd.

"You will not have to defend yourself anymore"

Sulli was also committed to defending women's rights and harassment. She herself claimed to be a victim while many Internet users were fierce against her. "I'm not a bad person, why are you saying bad things about me? She had once asked.

This Monday, many fans pay homage to him and denounce the violence of the words that their idol underwent. "In heaven, you will not have to defend yourself or pretend everything is fine. I hope you can think only of yourself, "wrote one of them on Instagram, while another greeted his" daring ".

South Korea is one of the countries in the world with the highest suicide rate, among the leading causes of death among people under 40, according to recent official figures.

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