Juventus and Inter Calciomercato: from Eriksen to Rakitic is Marotta-Paratici challenge


Juventus and Inter Milan: Rakitic and Eriksen targeted by Marotta and Paratici

The transfer market of Juventus is Inter could come alive already in January. From Eriksen to Rakitic, there are many names that Guild is Marotta they will compete for the winter session. If Eriksen will expire with the Tottenham next summer and therefore represents the most delicious chance on a free transfer, Ivan Rakitic could leave the Barcelona at a price of balance given the age (goes for 32 years) and the scaeso feeling with Valverde. Both Inter that Juventus they had tried in the past for the Croatian, with Paratici who, in the summer, would seem to have tried to shoot Emre Can in Spain to bring Ivan to Turin. We'll see if the two companies attempt a further assault in the winter, or if they prefer to do battle for the next summer session

Juventus and Inter Milan: Alderweireld and Vertonghen depart

Two other names mentioned by Marotta is Guild as far as the defense department is concerned they would seem to be Vertonghen is Alderweireld. The latter seemed to be very close to Rome in the summer, but then nothing was done about it. We are talking about two expiring players who, therefore, could be taken to zero as Eriksen, but from the Spurs court they would have made it known that both would be very close to renewal.

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