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What a suffering The match after the break for the National teams is always an unknown factor, especially if it coincides with the Champions League eve.
The surprise, the day no, is always around the corner on these occasions.
And this time there was very little to Sarri's Juventus against Sinisa Mihajlovic's Bologna (long applauded by the Stadium) to draw the wrong card from the deck.
The usual goal by Cristiano Ronaldo (honored at the beginning of the race by a celebratory shirt by President Agnelli) was not enough to open the way and address the challenge to an easy success.
The Felsinea team, very well put on the field, has not broken up too much and thanks to a Danilo racing car has managed to rebalance the challenge and put fear to Juventus for the rest of the first half with repeated sorties in the opposing half.
The result of parity, accrued during the first portion of the game, fully reflected the values ​​highlighted in the field up to that time.

Pjanic, you again

Music completely different instead of returning from the locker room with an Old Lady, owner of the field and in constant offensive projection in search of the new advantage.
For at least a quarter of an hour the HCL team has produced many dangerous goal actions and a high pace of play materialized by a surgical blow by Miralem Pjanic, still he himself, at the end of a confused action and with repeated mistakes by the defense of Bologna in the exit phase, arrived after a suspicious contact in the penalty area but left clearly run by the referee Irrati for the rule of the advantage.

Arbitration controversies on the way?

Var and the public from home have fully understood the refereeing interpretation, who knows if the usual detractors of the Juventus team will have done the same, but we strongly doubt it.
Indeed, we are sure, that following the subsequent episode of doubt in the final in which De Ligt strikes in an absolutely involuntary way the ball with the elbow after a congruous movement in making a slip (very dangerous though) have exploded in all their anger and prevention.
A resounding cross from Santander in the Cesarini area and a resounding parade of Buffon at the end of the match avoided the real injury against Juventus.
After the second advantage of the evening, the Juventus team would have had to close the challenge realizing the third goal, touched in repeated circumstances. This is a great pity that on other occasions could be really expensive.
In the second half the territorial dominion of Juventus was so obvious that Juve would have had to close the challenge well in advance.
This lack of cynicism is a clear sign that in the path of growth and change there are still so many things still to be fixed, to be fixed.
Like Bernardeschi's position on the pitch, De Ligt's concentration for the duration of the entire match and Rabiot's inclusion in the team's game plots.
From the match against Bologna the applause to Mihajlovic of the Stadium remains, those to Cristiano Ronaldo (for his continuous records and not only) and above all the three points in the standings that keep the Old Lady at the top of the standings.

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