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On the eve of Lecce-Juventus, there is Maurizio Sarri to make the point at Juventus. These are the main topics discussed at the press conference.TURNOVER – "Right now we are not many, last time we were 19 with three goalkeepers. Something we will change"

DE SCIGLIO – "For the past two-three days he has been training with the rest of the group, but he has been inactive since August 31st, he needs some time to be efficient from a competitive point of view, but he is from the clinical point of view"

RONALDO"My interview with Ronaldo is daily, we talk about the numbers given by doctors and athletic trainers. Then we will understand when he will rest, I don't know when yet"

PUNISHMENTS – "Punishments for the right are by Ronaldo and Pjanic, then they decide, it is normal there are two options. They are two players with important numbers, the choice is between them on who beats"

CLIMATE – "If the temperature is high it can affect the rhythms, it is undeniable. In Florence we suffered a lot this kind of situation, the calendar is this but need to get used to and overcome this difficulty, because we have been training for a while with very different temperatures "

DOUGLAS COSTA – "I do not decide on these things, it is up to the medical staff. The only ultrasound check was completely negative, probably there are no conditions to have it trained with the rest of the group. Douglas is in re-run, medical and non-technical staff are still available . I can't estimate return "

LECCE – "Team that often manages to put the opponents in difficulty. There are a couple of dangerous components, it has its own physiognomy and plays soccer"

Dybala – "If we talk about the explosion for the one-two we will do it, but if we talk about performance I say that Dybala has always done well. I was expecting a high level performance on his part because he is able to do it, I had no doubts"

DEFENSE – "Little by little we will have to rest someone, so far Bonucci has always been on good level parameters. It will not always be possible to make him play, sooner or later something will have to change also behind, let's see if the right occasion can be one of the next two games"

Pjanic – "I always liked him, a great quality player, I asked him for something slightly different but I didn't change his life on the pitch. He did it well, he is expressing himself on very high levels. If you had asked me something about him a year or two ago, I would have given the same answer. As he said he can become one of the best in the world in his role ".

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