Juve, Sarri expects more goals


TORINO – It is overall and understandably happy, Maurizio Sarri, but not satisfied. It is overall and understandably happy because «the players at the end of the game told me that at some point in the field they really enjoyed themselves», because his Juventus it grows at the level of individuals and collectives and because while it grows it wins. He is not satisfied a bit because he is a perfectionist, partly because the Juventus team shows some traces: at the end of October it is physiological, but it is also physiological that the coach wants to cancel them as soon as possible. Because for how few and how small they can cost points, as was going to happen Saturday night against Bologna.


Regardless of the offside that, underlined Sarri, would have spoiled a goal by Santander in the action in which El Ropero first hit the crossbar and then forced Buffon to a great intervention, Juventus found itself in danger of drawing a game that would have could have closed well in advance. That he could and had to "chop", to quote the verb used by Sarri after the challenge: "I don't want to handle the games, I want to chop them." The Juventus team on the other hand sometimes lowers the revs of the engine and Sarri does not go, especially now that he has a team full of champions: «Between managing and attacking the expenditure of energy changes little and in any case if on Tuesday someone does not make it, he plays another. After the first 20 minutes done well and the goal instead I had the feeling of wanting to manage it ». Here is the first knot that prevents Sarri's contentment from melting into satisfaction: "Between the production dribble and the ephemeral and superficial dribble the border is thin and we must stay away from it". On Saturday, Juve moved away not surprisingly after the interval, doubling and going close to scoring several times.

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