Justin Trudeau is appealing to the green heart of Quebeckers


(Markham) Justin Trudeau believes that Quebeckers are "even more than many other Canadians" concerned about the environment.

The Canadian Press

To attract the votes of Quebec voters, while the chances of the Bloc Québécois seem to improve according to recent polls, the Liberal leader again serves this argument: "The Bloc can not lead a pan-Canadian plan against climate change and the Conservatives do not want to take action on climate change. "

"We need strong Quebeckers in a government that will fight against Doug Ford, against Jason Kenney, against the oil companies," he said Wednesday morning while campaigning in the Toronto area.

Mr. Trudeau once again waved "the evidence" Doug Ford to attack his conservative opponents. Ontario and Alberta are seeking to cancel the carbon price that Ottawa imposes on them in the absence of provincial plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Mr. Trudeau insists that his conservative opponent on the federal stage, Andrew Scheer, will not stand up to his friends Ford and Kenney.

At 12 days before the vote, the Liberal leader says he is not taking anything for granted. But when he raises scenarios of Liberal minority government and a Yves-François Blanchet and his Bloc who hold the balance of power, he sees no reason to worry about the unity of the country.

"Canadians do not talk to me about national unity. Canadians are not worried about national unity, nor should they be, either, "he told the journalist who raised the scenario in English.

"A Quebecker is a Canadian and will remain a Canadian as long as I'm in charge, Mr. Blanchet," Justin Trudeau told the Monday night debate.

And Wednesday morning, he was convinced that the main issue of this federal election is rather the environment, and that his main opponent is rather conservative

"The Conservatives are proposing the same things as in the Harper years: no plan to fight climate change. Even worse, they'll scrape the only real plan Canada has ever had to fight climate change, "he offered repeatedly.

Quebec law on secularism

In Quebec City, for the second day in a row, Prime Minister François Legault attacked the Liberal leader about the Secularity Act.

Mr. Legault tried to justify why he spared the other federal party leaders and only commented on Mr. Trudeau's exits on this subject.

"I can not allow a leader to come forward, boast, to be the only one ready to challenge the popular will in Quebec. I do not think it's comparable to what the other leaders said in the debate, "said Legault.

Dated promise

Wednesday morning, Justin Trudeau had a date to put on one of his election promises.

"The first thing we do as a government is to lower the taxes of Canadians once again and, in addition to lowering taxes for those who need them most, a re-elected Liberal government will reduce your cell bills by 25% within two years, "he said.

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