Justin Trudeau calls on Quebeckers


(Hamilton) Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau chose Saturday morning to appeal to Quebec voters while he was in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Canadian Press

Refusing to advance on the increasingly likely scenario of a minority government, Justin Trudeau continued to repeat as a mantra that must be elected "a progressive government and not a progressive opposition."

"I want to speak as a Quebecker directly to Quebeckers," he said.

"Do we choose to move forward with a government with strong Quebeckers like Steven Guilbeault (…)? Or do we choose to be in opposition, perhaps to have a strong voice, but not a voice that carries across the country, around the world, "asked Mr. Trudeau.

In the wake of the revelations of Globe and Mail according to which the Conservatives would be behind a campaign to discredit the Popular Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau maintained that their approach is the same since the beginning of the campaign.

"Unfortunately, the Conservatives have no other approach than to wager on fear, division and invent attacks against their opponents because all they offer is cuts and austerity that are worthy of the world. billion, "he argued.

At the beginning of a last election blitz, Trudeau's Saturday route will take him to no less than three provinces, with stops planned in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta.

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