Jacques-Cartier Bridge blocked: Dutrizac "picks up" the co-spokesperson of Extinction Rebellion live


In an interview on Tuesday, Benoît Dutrizac had no tender words for François Léger Boyer, co-spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Québec.

"Go tell the National Assembly, go tell the elected officials, make political pressure, but stop disgusting the world," said the host to François Léger Boyer, while the latter granted him an interview at QUB radio, live from the Jacques Cartier Bridge blocked by activists.

Tuesday morning, the Jacques Cartier Bridge was closed in both directions during part of the rush hour, because of protesters of Extinction Rebellion denouncing the inaction of governments in the face of the climate issue.

LISTEN to the interview of François Léger Boyer, co-spokesperson of Extinction Rebellion Québec, on QUB radio:

"We've known for 30 years that there are climate changes. There is never anything that is done, so that's why today, there are people who have decided to act, to climb into the bridge, climb into the structure, "said the co-spokesperson François Léger Boyer.

The host asked him why environmental activists were not doing "political pressure" by sending their message to the National Assembly.

"In fact, climate change will disrupt the population much more than we do [blocking] a bridge one day," said Léger Boyer.

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